The arrival of summer’s warm months brings an ideal weather to cook outdoors. To make this happen, you need an excellent grill. With the many types of grills available it is an issue to select the one that has the capacity to cook and the durability to be the mainstay of your backyard barbecue for years to in the future.

This guide will dive deep into the grilling industry to look at the top grill brands available and highlight what makes them a top maker.

The Best Grill Brand Option Weber

1. Weber

Editors’ Choice: Truth to is, there are a variety of Weber grills, whether charcoal, gas and even electric grills that are impressive however this one, the Weber The Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill, which is sold on Amazon can be the model that began all of it. Durable porcelain enamel coated steel construction guarantees durability, and features like the one-touch cleaning system, a high-capacity hanging hooks in the lid, and hooks that are integrated into the handles to hang grill tools. They embody the construction and design excellence that Weber is renowned for throughout its line of products.

Weber is who is credited with inventing the iconic kettle grill over 70 years ago, when founder George Stephen was inspired by the shape of a steel buoy while working at Weber Brothers Metal Works and is located outside Chicago within Palatine, Illinois. The company today is well-known for its quality workmanship and design, not just in its iconic kettle grill but also in its range of gas grills as well as in lesser amounts electric and pellet grills.

Popular for their durable structure, Weber grills have a longer life span over other grills, in addition to new design elements that make them easy to maintain and use. Although Weber grills are slightly more expensive than other brands, finding one that is priced in the middle of the market is definitely possible.

The Best Grill Brand Option Char-Broil

2. Char-Broil

Editor’s Choice: The Char Broil Performance four-burner gas grill, which is available on Amazon It is an excellent illustration of what the manufacturer offers: a sturdy, but not top-of-the-line grill with plenty of burners and cooking area at a price that is affordable.

Based located in Columbus, Georgia, Char-Broil is among the most well-known grill brands that are available. Alongside having a wide selection of grills–the company offers an extensive range of gas options, its selection is very inexpensive. At the low end of the price range, Char-Broil gives its customers the most value for money by offering two 4-burner gas barbecues. They are in certain instances hundreds of dollars less than other brands of comparable size and set-up.

Char-Broil is also among the leading innovators in Infrared technology. Along with selling many charcoal grills that are infrared, it also has recently launched charcoal grills infrared. While the grills offered by Char-Broil might not have the power of heat and high-end construction of the more expensive models, they’re still an affordable and high-quality alternative.

The Best Grill Brand Option Traeger

3. Traeger

Editors’ Pick Editors’ Choice: Editors’ Choice: Pro Series 34 Pellet Grill is accessible from The Home Depot, meticulously made of high-end components and powered by natural hardwood pellets, is a perfect example of the essence of what Traeger truly is about.

In the year 1985 John Traeger created the first pellet grill. It was a motorized hopper which automatically loaded sawdust pellets into the chamber for burning the grill was first patented within a year. Traeger has been the primary producer of pellet grills over the course of 20 years, until the patent expired. The the Salt Lake City-based Traeger is competing with other companies that employ the similar design principles, however Traeger remains the top choice for smoking and pellet grills. Even though its grills are on the more costly than others, Traeger is routinely lauded for its high-quality pellet feeders that have digital controls that permit an extremely high level of temperature control as well as durable construction that is more durable than other brands.

The Best Grill Brand Option Dyna-Glo

4. Dyna-Glo

Editor’s Choice: With a variety of burners and searing capabilities it is it is the Dyna-Glo Five-Burner Propane Gas Grill is available from The Home Depot, demonstrates the ability of Dyna-Glo to design and manufacture high-quality gas grills.

Dyna-Glo’s expertise in the manufacture of high-quality grills stems from its 100-year experience in developing and manufacturing various heating items, including fireplaces and space heaters made of gas. This knowledge of gas heating is a major reason why Dyna-Glo is well-known for its burners that are recognized for their ability to generate high-quality heat and efficiently burn gas.

While not as durable like other brands, Dyna-Glo’s grills are with modern features, like an oven with a high heat for creating the perfect crust for steaks. They also come with more cooking surfaces that other grill brands do and are well-known for their ability to keep the same temperature. Dyna-Glo has also made its mark to charcoal by offering a range that includes barrel grills.

The Best Grill Brand Option Nexgrill

5. Nexgrill

Editors”Chose The five-burner propane gas grill that has a an infrared burner on the side which is sold from The Home Depot at a astonishingly low cost is exactly the essence of what Nexgrill is about.

There isn’t charcoal grills with an inscription of Nexgrill in it. Established in 1993, Chino is a California-based company Nexgrill Industries Inc. specializes solely in gas-powered outdoor equipment that includes outdoor heaters and grills and fire pits.

Focusing on a specific kind of grill Nexgrill can concentrate all of its efforts on the latest innovations in gas grills that distinguish it from others, like searing side burners, numerous heat zones and infrared heating plates and even customizing grid configurations. This is all in line with Nexgrill’s brand name and purpose statement that aims to elevate grilling to a new level.

The Best Grill Brand Option Masterbuilt

6. Masterbuilt

Editors’ Pick: With its automatic coal loading system and its cleaning technology The Masterbuilt Gravity Series 560, available at The Home Depot, is an example of the company’s ability to invent.

Since its beginning around 1973, Masterbuilt has largely made its name through the design and manufacture of top-quality electric, gas as well as charcoal grills. Masterbuilt has stepped up its game in the year 2020 when it presented a brand new technology that some believe could be a game changer in the field of charcoal grills. This was with the launch the Gravity line.

The Gravity series draws inspiration from pellet smoker technology to make an automated system for the process of loading and cleaning charcoal grills by streamlining the cleaning and lighting process that could make cooking on a charcoal grill unpleasant. The introduction of Masterbuilt’s Gravity grill smoker combo has earned Masterbuilt numerous accolades and increasing its standing in the charcoal grilling industry. Therefore, even though the company is still renowned by its smoking products, it also provides the most advanced charcoal grilling technology.

The Best Grill Brand Option Coleman

7. Coleman

Editors’ Choice The Coleman RoadTrip is available on Amazon it is the perfect embodiment of the mission of the company to provide the most portable camping equipment, as well as RVing.

There is perhaps no more well-known brand in the world of RV camping and car camping than Coleman. The Chicago-based company has been producing lanterns, coolers and tents as well as a variety of other camping gear since its inception to 1900. The grills it makes can be classified as every model is made to be used out on the road.

Coleman’s grills fold down into smaller sizes, with a variety of models that have the pull handle and wheels, making it easy for users to transport to and from the vehicle. They’re also constructed of durable materials that are able to stand up to the abuse of travelling behind pickup trucks or being transported across a rough terrain. Similar to many Coleman products the grills are much cheaper than gas grills.

The Best Grill Brand Option Kenmore

8. Kenmore

Editors’ Choice This Kenmore 4 Burner Propane Gas grill, which is available at The Home Depot, is an outstanding illustration of the features Kenmore provides–a huge cooking area with a variety of burners as well as convenient accessories at a low cost.

Kenmore’s gas grills might have an uncertain future because of the difficulties with its main company Sears at present the company continues to make the gas-powered grills which are a great option for those who are unable to be able to afford the expensive price that some of the more well-known brands. With Kenmore it is possible to be sure of plenty of space with some models offering more than 600 sq inches of cook area; several grills (side burners are standard on nearly all Kenmore’s grills) and a quality fit and finish that’s in line with grills of higher quality. While Kenmore might not have the same longevity as other brands, you’d be difficult to locate gas barbecues of this size with these many features at this cost.

The Best Grill Brand Option Char-Griller

9. Char-Griller

Editor’s Choice: appropriately called Double Play, available from The Home Depot, consists of a charcoal grill in a barrel and a gas barrel grill that are set side-by-side.

Atlanta-based Char-Griller has earned its name through its distinctive collection of charcoal grills in the barrel style that are renowned by their tough steel construction and massive cooking surfaces that are superior to all other charcoal grills on the market.

While the main focus of Char-Griller is charcoal, the company also has some gas-powered models. Actually, its Double Play, which features the charcoal and gas grill together on the same frame, is among the most sought-after models. Char-Griller is also praised due to the sturdy grills made of steel that are sold at an affordable cost.

The Best Grill Brand Option KitchenAid

10. KitchenAid

Editors”‘ Choice: KitchenAid’s 2 Burner Propane Gas Grill, available at The Home Depot, is one of the most well-loved models, and is a perfect example of the company’s aim of providing a top-quality gas grill for a reasonable cost.

Grills are only one of the cooking equipments that this over 100-year-old firm makes. KitchenAid makes affordable gas grills as well as premium built-in grills. Although the company is most famous for its appliances and kitchenware, specifically the stand mixer KitchenAid produces solid but not exceptional grills.

The heat output of KitchenAid grills isn’t as impressive as those of companies that specialize in manufacturing grills, they do come with features that are typically only found on higher-end models, such as stainless steel fireboxes, and stainless steel burners as well as side burners.

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