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When it comes to sports, Thailand has no shortage of sports news resources. A few websites have a strong online presence and make it easy to follow local and international sports events. Fun888TV, for example, features live links to matches and interviews with players. It also offers analysis on upcoming games. There is also the Thansettakij Newspaper, which covers local and international sports as well as politics and gossip. The newspaper also has a business-specific editorial section and an impressive online following.


Thansettakij is a news portal that covers a wide variety of sports and other related news. It is published by the Thansettakij Multimedia Company in Bangkok, Thailand. In addition to covering sports, Thansettakij covers international affairs, business, entertainment, and politics. The site is available on both desktop and mobile devices.

Thansettakij’s interface is simple and user-friendly

It also features live links to ongoing sporting events. Its team of editors and analysts are highly experienced, and their knowledge of both international and domestic sport is extensive. It also has mobile apps for Android users.

The Thansettakij online newspaper

Thailand’s best sources of 8xbet sports news. Published biweekly, Thansettakij has several sections on sports and other topics. In addition to covering sports, Thansettakij covers entertainment, politics, and social issues. It also has a section devoted to business and property. Its online version is accessible by both Thai and English speakers.


If you love sports, then Fun888TV is definitely the site for you. It features daily sports news and analysis from both domestic and international teams. The site has an easy-to-navigate interface and high-quality images. It also provides live links to matches in Thailand and abroad. In addition, it is well organized and has an excellent editorial staff. Its staff members are sports enthusiasts and journalists with in-depth knowledge of both international and domestic sports. The site is available on almost all popular platforms and devices.

The site also has a team of highly experienced

Sports experts that analyze every match and provide predictions. The interface is bright and easy-to-navigate. The content is updated frequently and is suitable for all devices. This website also offers commentary on a variety of other topics, including local news, entertainment, and culture.

The site also offers live links to all major sporting events

All you need to do to watch the live sports events is register on their website and choose the country where you want to watch the game. In addition to that, many of these sites also feature live sports highlights.

Thaiger’s mobile app

Thaiger is the fastest-growing English-language news website in Thailand. Originally covering both Thai and English-language news, it is now focusing solely on English-language news, with plans to separate English and Thai content by August 2020. It curates news with custom software and recently acquired the digital assets of Phuket Gazette. It covers national and regional issues. It also features a large, diverse audience that is typically younger and sports-oriented.

Thaiger’s app features a wide range of sporting events

Including international and Thai football. The news is updated every day and is available in English and Thai. The app also provides high-quality live links to the games. It also includes a daily podcast briefing.


If you love sports and betting, 8Xbet is a great place to get the latest news about your favorite team or game. It offers live sports news from around the world. However, you must register on the site in order to access live broadcasts. In addition to live games, 8X offers fantasy sports, expert analysis, and highlights of recent games. It also has an active community of sports enthusiasts.

As for its social media presence

8XBet has a large Facebook account with over 10,000 followers and an active Twitter account managed from the United Arab Emirates. Its social media accounts reveal that the company is active in Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam, but lacks any information on its founder. Additionally, the company’s official YouTube account has fewer than 5,000 followers, and its Instagram account has not been tagged once.

The most popular sports newspaper in Thailand is Siam Sports

It includes news of soccer and traditional games. It also has a mobile app that lets you access individual sports news and features.

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