“If you have a plan to buy a gaming console now or in near future, must read this article.” 

For enthusiastic gamers having the budget to afford a high-tech console Play station, 5 is the best choice, unimposing. This is the latest series introduced by Sony in 2020, and since then demand is growing exponentially even after two years of release. It is reaching its pinnacle as it surpasses other games due to ultra high definition graphics with 4K Blu-ray drive, AMD Zen 2-Based CPU helps in quick switching and loading of games, dual Sense controller provides gaming touch never experienced before and high memory of 825 GB to store a number of games. Compare to XBOX, PS5 doesn’t require a subscription to play many games like Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Demon’s Souls, and Godfall. This latest version of the next-gen console costs approximately 690$ which you can also find on sale along with other MacBooks and iPhones for sale. If you are an old user or like other gaming brands like Microsoft and Nintendo console makers then the X series, S-series by Xbox, and Nintendo-switch Oled Model are high-rated gaming consoles in this year 2022. A comparative review of salient characteristics of these consoles is listed in the table;

Xbox (Series-X)
  • TV and movies can also be streamed 
  • Realistic High definition display with ray tracing technology
  • Disk drive available
  • Large library of famous games like hallo to fallout, Call of duty, etc.
  • Large screen display
  • Low useable storage (800 GB)
  • Slow loading of games
  • Subscription fee for games owned by Sony 
  • Monthly Subscription 
  • SSD card required 
323$ and 

Min 35$ per month sub- scription fee

Nintendo-switch Oled
  • Small and portable 
  • Latest version of Nintendo users 
  • Old version accessories can be used
  • Large library of games (>5000)
  • Can be used on TV as well as handheld 
  • 1080p display
  • Low useable storage (64 GB)
  • Low graphics(4K UHD not available
  • Game library is small
  • Small screen display
Xbox (Series-S)
  • Movies and online streaming apps like YouTube, HBO, Spotify, and ESPN can also be watched. 
  • Storage expansion can be inserted 
  • 1440p display
  • Low graphics(4K UHD not available
  • Disk drive not available

Postulating, you eagerly want to buy a game console but have fewer bucks than lower versions have almost all the features same with few low-grade aspects like game processing ability, etc. Most times, you jump directly from PS-4 to the PS-5 version, However, the PS-4 pro has many same value-added factors PS-4 Pro also contains a 4k HD version with a blue-ray disk and can stream many apps also. Similarly, the Xbox One S also has the same display graphics and contains many games like Halo, Gear of War, etc. available in the Xbox S series.


If you are still not convinced with any gaming console you can buy MacBook for sale to have a gaming experience with some additional practical use to it and if still not satisfied you can become a part of the big phone gaming culture where people play games using their mobile phone but for that, to as well you will need to have a good phone and I would suggest an iPhone as they are considered to be the best multifunctional phones in the market and you and find tonnes of iphone repair as well for your budget gaming setup.


PS-5 was already not stayed on store shelves for a long time due to high demand, but now shortening of chips due to the recent political conflict between china and Taiwan, huge developer of semiconductors; key element used in games and other IT products causing in-availability of other machines in the market as well. So my recommendation is to buy whichever console you like as early as you can before it is too late to enjoy this entertainment. 

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