Best Event Solution Platforms

There are several different event solution platforms that you can choose from. These platforms can manage all aspects of the event, including data and workflows. Depending on the type of event, some may also include an accounting system, a help desk system, mobile payment technology, workflow management, and travel management capabilities.


Last year, Airmeet experienced organic growth of over 400% and enabled over 120,000 event organizers to broadcast 150 million minutes of video airtime globally. Some of its customers include Flipkart, Fifth Element Group, BMF Media, Unifrog Education, Rotman School of Management, Viacom CBS, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center and others. Today, Airmeet continues to see 30 percent month-over-month growth.

Airmeet supports events of all sizes, from small events to large-scale conferences and trade shows. The platform has the capability to handle up to 100,000 participants and supports multi-format events, such as webinars and hybrid conferences. It also supports workshops and trade shows. Airmeet is currently working to become a comprehensive engagement suite and is aimed at allowing event organizers to deliver engaging, informative events for their target audiences.


Airmeet is built on a cloud-based platform that makes it easy for event organizers to create and host their events. Once the event is live, it automatically manages recordings in the cloud and makes them available for participants and missed audiences. This is an important feature for both attendees and event organizers because Airmeet allows them to use their content in other ways.


Airmeet’s cost-effective event solution platform also provides real-time feedback on the quality of the event. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to plan an event and provides quick feedback on ideas. The platform is stable and reliable and helps organize global events with members from anywhere in the world. The service also supports multiple speakers and features a social lounge.


Airmeet also works with Interprefy to provide real-time interpreting services to its multilingual audiences. The company’s technology provides real-time translations of webcasts and enables multilingual events to be conducted seamlessly. An Interprefy widget can be embedded into the webcast page or placed right next to the video stream. Using Interprefy, participants select their preferred audio language and access real-time interpreting.


splash studio media real estate photography

Real estate photographers want their customers to be able to book their services in a quick and easy manner. This often means offering digital quotations and online booking, as well as electronic contract signing. It also means offering digital payment options, which saves time and energy. Luckily, most studio management applications integrate these features for real estate photographers. They also benefit from online marketing campaigns, which maximize their efficiency and revenue.


Splash Studio Media is a Dubai-based, full-service digital agency specializing in real estate websites, apps, and video production. It also provides professional photo services to real estate agents and other real estate professionals. The agency also offers digital content for the real estate industry, including brochures, videos, and portfolios.


Splash Studio is available in different tiers. There is the free version, Splash , and Studio Custom. The platform is also expanding with new integrations to simplify marketing and planning. Users can also use it to create multi-track events. With this feature, they can easily create multiple-track events and use various marketing tools at the same time.


The software allows photographers to manage leads and book sessions without the hassle of manual marketing. In addition, it can handle online payments and lead nurturing. This software also enables photographers to focus on their photo sessions. It helps real estate photographers manage their business with ease and speed. This software also supports virtual tours and galleries, which offers clients an easy viewing experience.



Eventcube is a white label and full service event management platform that empowers event organizers by providing a robust set of tools and features. From managing events to managing memberships and tickets, Eventcube helps organizers do it all with ease. The platform is fully customizable and is easy to integrate into your own website, allowing you to showcase your brand.


Eventcube is particularly useful for smaller organizations. It offers specialized features like multi-lingual support and social media walls. It is also more affordable than similar products. Its comprehensive planning tools make it a one-stop shop for online events. If you want to create and manage successful events, Eventcube is one of the best event solution platforms.


Whether your event is a live event, a webinar, a trade show, or a sports event, Eventcube is an excellent choice for event management. It allows you to sell tickets to your event on the web and includes features that can increase the number of attendees. Furthermore, you can also use Eventcube for live streaming of your live events.


Despite its ease of use, Eventcube isn’t perfect. It can be difficult to edit push notifications, and polling feature isn’t always working as smoothly as it should. Nonetheless, the company is working on making its hybrid events platform more flexible and feature-rich.


It is an all-in-one virtual events platform that empowers event organizers and marketers. The platform allows attendees to participate in multiple breakout sessions, view keynote talks, and engage with virtual exhibitors. It also supports live streaming and video conferencing. The software allows users to create customized event apps for their organizations.


Tame is another virtual event solution platform that works well for large events. It allows attendees to customize their experience and brand their event. It supports scalability and analytics and can be customized to meet your specific needs. It can also host large events with up to 10,000 attendees.


Filo is a collaboration platform that makes virtual meetings more effective. With Filo, you can host virtual campus training sessions, team workshops, demo days and hackathons. The platform helps you keep track of project status, collaborate and share ideas. This makes your team more creative and productive.


The software is easy to use and can help you create engaging virtual events. It also offers video conferencing and collaboration rooms. It also integrates with Zoom, so you can host your meetings virtually. CISO events can also be conducted here successfully. You can also control speakers’ dashboards and post-event analytics. However, this software does not have the robust features of other event solutions.


Filo is an Indianapolis-based technology startup that has raised $3 million in seed funding from High Alpha Capital. The funding will allow the company to accelerate product development, deepen integration with Zoom, and expand its go-to-market efforts. The company launched its service in December 2017 and boasts some major companies as its clients.


Filo connects students to subject experts who can answer their questions. Students can post questions or upload photos. A tutor will respond within 60 seconds. The platform also has a search bar for students to type in their questions. It is possible to interact with a tutor by video call.


Filo is an online tutoring platform that connects you with tutors who have vast experience in a variety of fields. It provides tutoring to students on math, science, and other subjects. It caters to school level questions as well as competitive undergraduate exam level doubts. You can connect with a tutor in as little as 60 seconds, and can even create notes for reference later.

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