I am looking for the best Disney backpacks when organizing a vacation to see “The Mouse”? This isn’t another site where someone will tell you what bag to carry to Disney World merely to make money—we have annual passes, live an hour from Disney, and my [Victoria] first trip was when I was just 9 months old. Here are our tried-and-true recommendations for the top backpacks for Disney!


All of the backpacks we recommend here are either one we have personally owned or are as similar to those shoes as possible if a new and improved model is available. Our “kids” choices come from friends who have annual passes, even though we don’t yet have any “littles” of our own.

Friends with annual passes have provided recommendations that they highly recommend! It’s crucial to keep in mind that while you want a high-quality backpack, you shouldn’t have to spend a fortune on it when looking for the finest bags for Disney World.


It’s crucial to buy a functional yet fashionable rucksack for your trip to Disney (or just utilitarian if “cute” isn’t your thing). Keep in mind that your children can carry their own Disney bag so they can assist you in carrying the burden into the park. Don’t give the little ones too much to carry because they will inevitably get fatigued. letting each youngster choose their Disney backpack before giving them a couple of modest gifts

A fantastic approach to get kids engaged and involved is to give them items of their own to carry inside it, such as food and a swimsuit!


Though we must admit that whenever we take pictures at Disney, we usually take our backpacks off so they aren’t in the shot, we always strive to use our own photos from the theme park when suggesting goods. As a result, there are hardly any pictures of us at Disney with our bags on to use in this piece.

Best Backpacks For Disney For Adults

Choosing a Disney backpack that is cozy, breezy, and practical is crucial whether you are going to the parks with children or alone as an adult as we do. Considering how quickly it may get hot in Florida, picking a ventilated backpack for your trip to Disney is crucial. On the first day of a five-day vacation, you don’t want your back to be perspiring and getting sweat all over the Disney bag since you’ll have to smell it the rest of the time.

These are some of our personal favorites and well-tested adult backpacks for Disney! Depending on your preferences, we provide a variety of costs and choices. We offer options if you’re a more feminine and stylish adult seeking the best backpacks for Disney to complement your outfit. We also offer recommendations for the best backpacks for Disney if, like Terrence, you like more neutral colors and a practical style.

Best Stylish Adult Disney Backpacks

  • Faux leather backpack with Minnie Mouse. For trendy adults or grownups seeking something adorable and practical, THIS is one of our favorite backpacks for Disney. In parks, it is also highly well-liked! Who wouldn’t want a cute Minnie Mouse-inspired faux leather backpack for Disney, after all? Despite being made of imitation leather, this backpack is one that we adore carrying because it doesn’t get too hot while it’s hot in Florida. If you are used to carrying a handbag but prefer to have your hands free for Disney, this is a perfect alternative because it is on the smaller side and doesn’t take up much space on your back. Due to the fact that it checks all the right boxes, this bag is among the best for Disney.


  • Victory Backpack by Hynes. Because it is SO CHEAP, this bag is among the best for trips to Disney. Additionally, it includes a tonne of pockets and storage areas, which are essential for visiting parks! Simply because of the backpack’s pocket locations, we personally suggest it for Disney. It has a lot more compartments for storage than our first option and is larger.

The Disney backpack’s zipper that sits against your back but is on the exterior is where we like to put our favorite pockets. The zipper will be against your back the entire time you are wearing it, so you may store valuables in here and have easy access to them without worrying about theft. If you want a fashionable bag that isn’t specifically “Disney” oriented, this is one of the greatest options for Disney!


  • Mickey All Over Mini Disney Backpacks from Loungefly. The Loungefly brand has the cutest selection of Disney-themed backpacks! Literally, every print and color you can think of is available on a Disney backpack. Since we are major lovers of Mickey Mouse, we have the one listed above, but Loungefly really has a tonne of possibilities! Enjoy the Evil Queen?
Disney backpacks

Desire Lilo and Stitch? Aristocats? It’s the Haunted Mansion. These designs are available on a Loungefly backpack or even a wallet! If you’d like to view the entire selection, click here. We especially adore the exterior zipper pocket since it allows us to conveniently put our phones and spare change for popcorn. Due to the variety of colors and features available, this is undoubtedly one of the best backpacks for Disney.

Best Functional Adult Backpacks For Disney

  • Sling bag made by OutdoorMaster.Our absolute favorite practical bag for Disney is this one! You haven’t lived if you haven’t used a sling backpack! You’re going to adore it, just joking. Your life will change if you get a sling bag for Disney! Traditional backpacks may cause back pain, but this one leaves one shoulder fully free. When you need to enter it, you may simply rotate this backpack from your back to your front to keep it on.

We frequently use this bag to travel to Disney World, and we highly suggest it. This backpack is among the best for Disney because it is very reasonably priced, unisex, and available in a variety of colors. In addition to having anti-theft pockets and enough space for laptops and cameras, it is lightweight and durable.


  • Hustle 3.0 by Under Armour backpack. This backpack is ideal if you want the best one for Disney for folks who are very serious about visiting the Parks and carrying a lot of gear. Although it is just a basic black, what a workhorse it is! This Disney backpack’s size, breathability, and amount of storage space are some of its best qualities. If you are traveling with children and want to bring extra clothes, snacks, beverages, diapers, and more, this is a perfect option for a Disney bag. The adjustable “heat gear” technology in the shoulder straps will keep you cool in the Florida heat. We also appreciate the fact that this Disney bag is available in a range of colors so that you can choose the one that best suits your family. This option has a somewhat higher price tag than the others, but if you’re looking for the finest backpack for Disney for serious tourists, it’s well worth it!


  • Disney Backpack Mickey Mouse Diaper Bag. This bag has received rave reviews from our friends who have children. It functions as a diaper bag in addition to a backpack with a Disney motif. With small children, this is one of the finest backpacks for Disney because it is large and only weighs 1.25 pounds, which is AMAZING for going around Disney for the entire day and carrying a lot of gear and kids. A changing pad and 9 pockets are included. A word of caution from our friends who often use this bag: if you want this backpack for Disney, be sure to order early before your trip!


  • Mickey Mouse canvas backpack from Finex. This bag by Finex is an excellent option if you’re desperate to find a practical backpack for Disney that still has some “Disney charm.” We adore how budget-friendly this option is without sacrificing design or usefulness. In addition to numerous inner pockets, this backpack has two external pockets for water bottles and an exterior bag for small change, as well as a slot in the back for storing a laptop (or something else since you’ll be strolling throughout the parks). It’s good to know that this backpack is composed of a canvas when visiting Disney during the warmer weather. Additionally, it makes it simple to clean if a lighter-colored one gets soiled. It may be reasonably easily cleaned by giving it a quick scrape in the sink. This is the ideal choice for you if you want the best backpack for Disney that is reasonably priced, practical, and available in a variety of patterns.

Best Disney Backpacks For Kids


  • Drawstring backpack with Mickey and Minnie Mouse from Disney. Children should bring drawstring backpacks to the parks so they can carry them independently. How are we aware? Because we had to carry this when we were kids exploring Disney! This is one of the best backpacks for kids because it is portable, reasonably priced, and includes a cute bag and lanyard. Drawstring backpacks are ideal for youngsters since they are compact and light, making them easy to carry. Therefore, if your child becomes tired of carrying their backpack, you can simply remove the few items inside, fold them up, and place them inside one of the options for adults listed above.
  • Disney Backpacks with Safety Harness Straps. We frequently see this one at Walt Disney World, and our friends who have kids strongly recommend it. This Disney backpack is not only attractive and reasonably priced, but it also serves as a leash and safety device for your kids. This backpack can help you avoid the frequent instances at Disney where children are taken away from their parents. Your child gets to wear a sweet little Mickey or Minnie Mouse backpack, and when you are in a busy area, you can easily keep your child near the throng by attaching the detachable strap to the back of the bag. This is the best safety innovation that we have ever seen, and we have seen it in action at Disney parks.


  • American Tourister Children’s Frozen Backpack. Look no further than the American Tourister Brand if you are visiting Disney with an older youngster who can carry more of their own belongings. We’re recommending this Disney Frozen bag since it’s what our friend’s daughter uses, but American Tourister also offers many other excellent backpacks for kids if you’d rather have one without any patterns or a plainer design. This is one of the finest backpacks for Disney for older kids because it is roomier and can carry more while still being portable and reasonably priced for parents.


Bringing Backpacks On Rides At Disney

  • Frequently, people ask us if they can bring backpackspro on Disney rides. This is an excellent issue because many theme parks, including Six Flags and Universal Studios, demand that you rent a locker each time you decide to ride a ride. We have encountered this before and can attest to how frustrating it is. We are pleased to inform you that you are welcome to bring a bag, purse, or backpack on every ride at the Disney Parks!

You may bring your backpack on every ride, from family attractions to upside-down roller coasters. We sincerely appreciate Disney having such a lenient policy because this is much better and simpler than having to obtain a locker each time you ride a ride. Additionally, we have never experienced difficulty getting one of our Disney bags on a ride, and there is typically enough room for it! friends with annual passes have provided recommendations that they highly recommend! It’s crucial to keep in mind that while you want a high-quality backpack.












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