Best Dishes to Add to Your Menu for Christmas 2021

It’s Christmas time once more! It’s a joyous and happy season! What better way to commemorate this wonderful day than by indulging in some mouth-watering dishes? If you are planning to throw a nice party this Christmas, it’s always a great idea to hire Christmas catering services to make your celebration joyful and full of mouth-watering food.

Christmas may be the one time of year when everyone in the family is present. On the other hand, everyone is there – friends, family, and coworkers – and they are all counting on you to feed them well! The pressure to keep everyone’s tastebuds and stomachs happy can be too much to handle. Hiring a catering service can take this pressure off your back, leaving you to enjoy your holiday with your cherished ones.

If you’re having trouble deciding a menu, here is some inspiration for the most delectable holiday delicacies, buffets, brunches, lunches, and dinners for your dining enjoyment.

Make a Delicious Christmas Catering Menu

Check out the Christmas 2021 catering menu from top catering services, if you’re planning to host a classic Christmas dinner.

Choose from a wide variety of meats, including full slow-roasted turkeys with an apricot sauce for the purists, whole boneless leg hams, herb-wrapped eye fillets, and more from the best Christmas caterers in Singapore.


Platters of seafood

Freshly peeled prawns, sashimi salmon slices, fresh oysters, and entire lobsters are all poached and ready to be served cold on mixed seafood platters. Delicious and oh-so-yum!


Platters of oysters

To add a touch of elegance to your party, choose oyster platters presented naturally or with chive béchamel sauce, peeled prawns with seafood sauce, or smoked salmon sides. This year’s Christmas catering menu includes all of your holiday favorites, including glazed ham, fresh prawns, delicious finger food, and the most incredible dessert selection from the top Christmas catering service of 2021.

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Beef Enchilada Casseroles

This is one of those dishes that hardly anyone would say no to. Beef enchilada casserole is a layered dish. Here layers of seasoned ground beef, cheese, enchilada sauce, and soft flour tortillas are baked till all of them turn bubble and nice.

Baked French Toast

Made with just bread, eggs, and milk, baked French toast is one of the easiest and a must-have dish for your Christmas menu. It tastes supremely good with maple syrup, blueberries, and butter. It is one of the life-saving dishes, which would rarely go wrong with the guests.

Sour cream noodle bake

If you want your guest to keep coming to the table, you must add this item to your Christmas menu. Checkout if your catering service has this dish on its menu. If yes, do not let the chance go and add it to your list without any adieu.


Roast Beef with Peppers

This soft roast will be the highlight of any meal, whether it’s a sit-down dinner or a serve-yourself potluck, thanks to its peppery coating and creamy horseradish sauce.


Roasted Turkey with Sage Gravy and Vegetables

When roasting the big bird, nothing beats doing it at home. This bird is filled with fresh sage and thyme sprigs instead of sage stuffing for the same delightful tastes.


Butternut Squash Hasselback

Squash is a fantastic holiday side dish, especially when it’s Hasselback butternut squash. This is one side dish that everyone at your Christmas table will eagerly devour! The butter, maple syrup, brown sugar, and ground chipotle combination can go into every nook and cranny, thanks to the tiny slits created throughout each half.

This dish for a standing rib roast is virtually flawless and easy to make. Serve soft slices of standing rib roast to your family, or put the spice blend on another beef roast for a substantial, wonderful main course.

These are only some dishes of a menu that will surely wow your loved ones. Hire the masters in putting up delectable and budget-friendly packages that will wow your Christmas visitors. Ordering finger food from Christmas 2021 catering services for a house or office party is as easy as eating a Christmas pie. If you cannot decide your Christmas party menu, you can rely on the chefs to help you prepare a customized carting menu for your loved ones.




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