What is usually the first thing or word that comes to mind when you hear the word “gaming”? Is it games like Call of Duty, or Apex Legends and the ilk? Well, looks like there is more to gaming than just these hardcore games that need all of your attention and time. Don’t be surprised. We have some demanding and less resource-intensive games up our sleeves and they are casual games. They can be played on your smartphones or iPads without having to spend a lot of money on them. Most of these casual games are free-to-play games that you will find on the App Store or Google Play Store. Many people have taken to casual gaming mostly to kill time and not spend hours on hardcore games.

Let’s take a look at some of the best casual games that are out there.


  1.     Slashy: If you want to have some fun bursting discs, this is your game. Slashy is a fun puzzle game where you burst moving discs using slices. You must put the pieces on top of those discs and burst them. The game gets more fun and challenging as you move through the levels. The interesting thing about this game is the variety of props such as a diamond, a football, a slice of orange, and a vinyl disc, among others. There is also a magic hammer that you can use to help yourself if you are stuck in the game.


  1.     Horizon: If you are into elements of both fun and challenging, this is the game for you. You are required to move your airplane through unpredictable obstacles popping up in the game as you go about collecting gems. While you are at it, you also need to ensure that you are reaching as far ahead as you can. The more gems and XPs you collect, the higher you get ranked. Here, as you get promoted, you can also unlock new airplanes. You also get daily reward points and compete with your friends.


  1.     Stack: Ketchapp Labs introduces another game called Stack. As the name suggests, this game is all about stacking up blocks as high as you can. It gets challenging when blocks come in from two different directions which you need to align perfectly with the ones below it. If you fail to align them, the unaligned parts chip off and the blocks will keep getting smaller in height. The background color and block colors change as you move ahead or miss out on aligning them correctly.


  1.     Plague Inc: This game has just one goal—to destroy humanity with a pandemic. You need to play as evolutions’ invisible hand in this game to guide your chosen plague to wipe out humanity. To do so, it provides you with a variety of options, from bacteria to engineered bio-weapons. Once you are done selecting where to start your plague, you would need to spend time looking at the world map.


  1.     Flappy Dunk: If you have heard about the Flappy Bird game, you might get a vague idea of what Flappy Dunk is about. Well, to begin with, the sole aim of the game is to avoid the ball from hitting both the ceiling and the floor while you also try to get a dunk. You have to jump into as many hoops as you can while you get a dunk. You earn one point with each round you clear, and if the dunk is cleaner, your score is increased by x2, x3, or x4 points, and this continue. New balls are unlocked as you progress in the game based on new colors.


  1.     Crossy Road: This is another popular casual game. As the name itself suggests, the goal of this game is to make the figurines crossroads by avoiding any obstacle. You must also make sure to collect points along the way as you make them cross the road. As a starter, you get chicken as your figurine, but to score more points in the game, you get to buy new characters as your figurine from the store. One of the interesting features of this game is that it also lets you play with two figurines at a time.



Casual games can be a lot more fun whether you decide to play alone or with a friend or family member. Their simple design and easy gameplay have made them famous worldwide. Young and old, anybody can play these games in their idle time. So wait no more. Go to your App Store and download your favorite game now.





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