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From uncomfortable heartburn to embarrassing gas problems digestion issues are likely to spring up every time. A better news is that there are solutions in the form of digestion problem treatment. One needs to have a fair idea on how to deal with this issue in a proper way.

The working of the digestive system

It could seem that the digestion would take place only in the stomach but the process is long and it involves a series of organs. All of them go on to form a digestive tract. The process of digestion begins in the mouth where the saliva is going to break down the food when you are chewing it. With stomach acids the stomach is known to break down the food. Then the food would make a move on to the small intestine. Whatever would be the left portion goes on to the large intestine and the waste in the body moves out through the anus and the rectum. The digestive issues could happen along the way. 

What is Gas?

Gas is a part of the normally process of digestion. Any air which remains in the digestive tract is released through the mouth as burp or through your anus in the form of gas. Normally you are known to pass gas between 13 to 21 times during the course of the day.

Gas emerges when you are swallowing air like when you are eating or drinking. It can also be termed as a by- product of any type of food. Some foods may cause more gas as compared to others. You could also be sensitive to some type of foods which is known to produce more gas as compared to others. Digestion problem doctor may also suggest the use of some type of medications.

The causes of bloating

When gas would be building up in the intestine and stomach you may have issues with bloating. It is going to intensify if you are suffering from

  • Stomach infection
  • Celiac disease. When people who are suffering from this condition consume gluten the bodies are known to produce antibiotics which attacks the intestinal lining.
  • Any hormonal changes that take place during the period of a woman
  • Constipation

When bloating turns out be uncomfortable, it may cause pain in the sides and belly. HealthBenign

Exercise is bound to cause a lot of heartburn. Among them could turn out to be weight loss that prevent issues of heartburn if you happen to be over weight in the first place. But some type of exercise  could trigger the sensation in the first place.

Each one of us would be suffering from heartburn regularly but when it starts to interfere with your daily day to day functioning the doctor may suggest a series of remedial measures of dealing with the condition. It is also referred to as acid influx disease and happens to be one of the popular symptoms of GERD. There may be other type of symptoms of the chest.


By Syed Khubaib Saifi

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