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Wedding Planning:

As accomplished wedding experts, we accept that each couple should have knowledgeable Wedding Planners and event planners by their side to assist them in planning their wedding day. A wedding planner is one of the best investments a couple can make for their wedding. Still, with so many great wedding planners available in Lahore, we’re often requested why we need to choose Peony Events Planner.

We have many years of luxurious wedding plans experience and have planned several weddings. We have extensive knowledge of the wedding industry; year after year, we continually exceed our customer’s expectations.

There are several benefits to hiring a wedding planner; not only do we save time, but we also decrease your tension; we give ideas for wedding style and design, we are responsible for negotiating service contracts, supervising the logistical factors of the plans process and ensure that the wedding day itself runs smoothly and effortlessly so you can quite literally be a guest at your personal wedding.


We have years of priceless experience in the wedding industry and planned endless stunning weddings. From profligate luxury weddings in several of Lahore’s best places, vacation spot weddings and marquee weddings on the grounds of homes to smaller, more intimate celebrations and elopements.

We understand what works and a way to make what you need work, and we offer our expert information to our couples. More importantly, we know how to professionally and perfectly tackle any issues that stand in the way, leaving you to enjoy a stress-free and enjoyable wedding planning project.


Research says that planning a wedding takes over 250 hours, and its miles been our full-time profession. We have constantly laboured in the luxurious hospitality zone and are now lucky enough to devise noticeably beautiful weddings each single day.

You might not be our best couple; however, you may really be made to experience that you are because we take time to ensure that your wedding is our priority. You might not have the time to plan your wedding. However, we provide that you love every minute of the wedding day and thoroughly experience the marriage plans experience too.

Wedding Planners
Wedding Planners


We understand the best company, who are not only professionals in their fields, they’re honest, gifted and dependable. Each wedding supplier that we propose is the very best at what they do; however, must you decide to hire a company that we’ve not worked with before, we take time to meet with them and get to understand them to make sure that we all work together seamlessly as part of your wedding planner company.


Whilst we couldn’t likely have difficulty at each wedding venue in the world, we know many wonderful locations and always love locating wedding venues for our couples. We have laboured at some unexpected venues in Lahore and around the area, and rest assured if you select a venue that we haven’t laboured at before, we take time to visit them and build a dating with them because we know the significance of interaction as a team, so we spend time to make sure that we’re united collectively, for you.


Not only do we have many ingenious design thoughts for weddings, but we have any plans and ideas that you have; we simply bring them alive! We work with you to ensure that all your hopes and dreams on your wedding day are along with life in a way that is higher than you can have ever imagined!


We plan weddings for couples, and we can help guide them throughout their wedding plans journey, and we never ignore that it really is all about you. We are the experienced expert wedding planner, busy plans behind the scenes, ensuring that your day is as superbly specific as yours!


It is crucial that a couple feels absolutely comfortable with their wedding planner; we lead, guide, and advise you for the time of the planning method without judging your selections or taking over your wedding. It’s your day, your way, our capable team, who have your very significant interests at the core heart for the whole thing we do.

We are pleased to receive the most extraordinary feedback and testimonials from previous clients. Should you want to join the Peony Events Planner for weddings or Event Management in Lahore, we would like to hear from you!

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