Wooden floors are utilized as a base in a number of indoor sports which includes Basketball, Volleyball, squash courts, gym, Dance flooring, and Badminton. Basketball is the first of many video games that embraced hardwood sports flooring as a flooring option. Wooden flooring is believed to be a better surface than concrete or rubber floor for basketball. They provide an excellent floor for running and better platform to bounce the ball.

Playing on a hardwood sports flooring enables athletes to keep away from injury as wooden floors has considerably lesser impact on joints compared to other surfaces. This is why when basketball player lands after a bounce for the ball or falls, the wooden flooring absorbs the force, instead of diverting it back to the knee joints.

Using hardwood flooring for playing several sports is a top choice mainly because wood isn’t just a visually appealing flooring material. Apart from its specific, inimitable colouring and style, wood is one of the most structurally sound elements as well. As a sports flooring material it is durable, can absorb shock easily and requires minimal maintenance. This installing hardwood sports flooring is always a wise choice.

Things to keep in mind before installing a wooden flooring:

The benefits of installing a wooden floor is partly dependent on choosing the right quality of wood. Usually when wooden flooring is installed for the purpose of playing sports only the most durable and resistant kind is chosen. This is because sports such as basketball and volleyball includes a lot of physical activities such as jumping and running which can have a heavy impact on the floor. Therefore make sure the wood that you choose is of the finest quality. It should be scratch resistant, shock absorbing, durable and smooth to play on. Remember this before installing a hardwood sports flooring.

Benefits of installing a wooden flooring:

There are various reasons why sports such as basketball and volleyball are played on wooden floors. A hardwood sports flooring not only ensures smooth movements of the players but is also resistant towards damage. Let us read about some of it’s major benefits:

  • Can easily absorb shock: Unlike other flooring materials, wood flooring provides shock absorption which is essential since an athlete heavily impacts the surface. The shock absorbent property of a wooden floor reduces the risk of injury for athletes by diverting enough pressure to the ground.
  • Low maintenance cost: Wooden floors are simple to keep and requires little maintenance once installed. Although it is essential that wooden floors are mopped each day in order to dispose off the debris from the floor and to make certain that nothing sticks to the floor.
  • Visually pleasing: Due to the fact timber floors may be resurfaced, this enables the proprietor to get creative and exchange the layout of the ground paint every time the ground is due for refinishing. This seems aesthetically eye-catching to the eye and provides an possibility to have a like-new floor every few years.

Choosing hardwood for sports flooring is therefore a wise decision that should be made. Always remember to choose the finest quality of timber for the best results.

Source – https://truoinews.com/benefits-of-hardwood-sports-flooring/

By Russell Crowe

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