Traditionally, a field sales team pursues face-to-face meetings to close deals. Over the years, the job of B2B field sales personnel has involved attending events like trade fairs and conferences. The focus has been on striking a personalized rapport for successful selling. 

On the contrary, the inside sales team is known to work in the office. Telemarketing, email marketing, and digital marketing have been the core competence of such professionals. In many cases, the inside team makes the initial few interactions, passing on the leads to the field sales team to close the deals. Especially for B2B businesses with complex products, high-priced services, or SaaS offerings, having a strong field sales team is a must. 

Here are the top benefits of field sales:

A Motivated Field Sales Force Can Achieve Exemplary Sales Figures:

Compared to sales personnel confined to the cubicles, a field sales force team is always assigned higher sales targets. This is because the probability of striking lucrative deals is much higher. These professionals achieve this by being constantly on the move and meeting customers daily. 


Face-to-face Interaction and Presentations are Highly Impactful:

Compared to social media interactions and even telesales services, the impact of personalized, in-field interactions is much higher. Particularly in the case of multi-tier services, complex products, and SaaS sales, detailed demonstrations and resolving queries is a must. The buyer’s final choice often boils down to how well the salesperson showcased the product/services and patiently answered questions.


A Field Sales Force Powers Through Complex Sales Cycles:

Businesses selling products/services with long, complicated sales cycles need to rely on their field sales personnel doubly. These include HVAC installation for commercial buildings, medical equipment for hospitals, inter-business networking e-solutions, and more. Having a field sales team that is constantly in touch with potential buyers and for key accounts management is pivotal.


A Field Sales Force Team Best Facilitates B2B Database Creation and Updates:

A high-quality marketing database is integral to all B2B marketing endeavours. Businesses can compile a robust database with the right telesales services, supplemented by an active field sales team. This will help reach out to qualified prospects and invoke a positive response.


Field Sales Reps can Boost Lead Generation via References:

Email marketing and telesales services are primarily viewed as the best strategies for the initial phases of lead generation. Field sales activities are perceived to come into the picture at a much later lead nurturing stage. But a competent field sales team can also bring in high-value leads by seeking references from potential and existing clients.



Owing to the Covid-19 pandemic, the demarcating lines between field sales and inside sales have been completely blurred today. Due to the high emphasis on social distancing and virtual events, most field sales reps have had to up-skill themselves. Knowledge of digital marketing, B2B demand generation, and client interaction via zoom calls and online events have become mainstream. For B2B business owners, recognizing the altered dynamics of field sales and adapting to them is the right way ahead.


By Russell Crowe

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