fastest fibre in South Africa

The benefits of a fibre-optic Internet connection can be significant no matter what your business operation is. With a fast, strong, and reliable Internet connection, online business tools, such as cloud storage, virtual phone systems, and video conference calling, will be easier to use. Having a secure and reliable internet connection is essential for running a business smoothly.

Increased Speed

One of the significant benefits of having one of the fastest fibres in South Africa is an improved internet speed. A fibre optic connection has the highest speed in broadband technology and is much faster than a copper connection. The fibre internet transmits data using light pulses, so you shouldn’t notice any delays in the transfer of information, even during peak internet-use times. Having unplanned internet downtimes can result in the drop of productivity, missed opportunities, and aggrieved or lost customers.

Greater Reliability

Fibre-optic internet is not only the fastest fibre in South Africa, but it is also more reliable than DSL or copper connections. Copper signal consistency can be affected by severe weather conditions, distance, and time. In contrast, fibre optic connections are impervious to harsh weather conditions and corrosion. It is a reliable and consistent network connection over a long distance.

Stronger Signal

It is crucial to have a strong signal for businesses with large floor areas and employees spread out over a wide area. Moving away from a switch will result in a weaker signal for traditional broadband connections such as DSL or Ethernet Over Coax. Since a fibre-optic internet connection does not degrade as quickly as traditional broadband internet, it delivers a much stronger signal.

Improved Security

Online security is the foremost priority in every business sector. Hackers and other malicious thieves gain access to your business’s internet cable connection through cable tapping. It is possible to monitor security systems virtually from anywhere and at any time. CCTV cameras can also be deployed throughout a business premises thanks to a fibre network. This can play a significant role in improving the overall security in the areas they cover.

Supports Multiple Users

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By upgrading to a fibre-optic internet connection, you’ll experience fewer delays, fast access to vital data, a more secure cloud storage, and faster communication. Since fibre-optic connections have much higher bandwidth, speeds won’t be slowed down, and data caps won’t be reached as quickly even when the network is congested. A fibre network is essential for businesses that stream high-definition video and VoIP, share files, and collaborate.

Decreases Stress

We have all experienced the frustration of working with a slow internet connection but when you choose the best fibre deals in South Africa, there will be no such hassle. The work will become much smoother and faster. It is the fibre optic cable that makes work easier for your employees and the organisation. A reliable, secure, and fast internet connection promotes a confident and calm working environment.

Saves Money

Faster working with less downtime and less worries about security can develop and grow any type of business. Time is money, and slow connections result in the loss of it. Fibre-optic internet offers a solution to improve productivity and save money. With less internet downtime caused by poor weather conditions, erosion and the theft of copper, more money can be put back into your pockets. Fibre-optic internet will result in fewer network outages and the loss of data. Though the initial investment of installing a fibre optic internet connection is expensive; we as Vuma have subsidised this cost through our extensive fibre network coverage.

You’re just a few clicks away from finding your perfect business connectivity solution with Vuma! Check your coverage today.

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