When it comes to interior decoration, it’s hard to overlook the significance of laminates. In actuality, it is one of the most popular decorative materials that are available in a wide range of designs and types to enhance the beauty of interior space. The principal benefit of including laminate sheets in your home décor plan is it allows endless creative possibilities for beautifying your living space. Whether it is the kitchen cabinets, the walls, wardrobe, floors, or even the exterior of a home, laminates are a favourite among interior designers and homeowners alike. 

If you’re thinking about installing home laminates yet have no idea where to start from, the following points will help you narrow down your choices easily. 

For wall panels and on furniture

If you are wondering what is the most affordable way to give your rooms a luxury makeover, consider using laminates. Both in the versatility of designs and types, with Royale Touche laminates, you will be spoilt for choice. However, it is advisable to choose your laminates based on the theme of the interior design at your home. You can not only choose matte finish laminate to get a sophisticated look, but also go for solid colours to uphold a vibrant theme in your interior space. Besides, a laminated wall serves as the ideal backdrop to home décor as well as adds a layer of elegance to the overall design. 

Laminates are also preferred as a perfect solution for tabletops, chairs, and wardrobes as it gives a new life to the dull appearance of furniture. When it comes to furniture, high gloss laminates provide a classy appeal with their reflective and shiny surfaces. Even leather and matte-finish laminates are also installed to enhance the looks of the furniture. 

For flooring

Laminates with the texture of natural elements like wood and stone are highly favoured for flooring. In actuality, they serve as an eco-friendly alternative. There are various types and colours of laminates that can be used for flooring. However, it is wise to go for high-pressure laminates in this case because it is made to endure high traffic compared to other types of laminate. Many homeowners are fond of hardwood decorative laminate because it offers the authentic feeling of wood. Also, textures like marble, limestone, and others are quite popular when it comes to laminated flooring. Moreover, laminate flooring not only appeals to the eyes, but also proves to be cost-effective and a durable inclusion to the home simultaneously. 

An added advantage of decorative laminate is that it is easier to install and that is why it is cheaper too. Needless to say, with laminate flooring maintaining hygiene is pretty easy because the surface is easy to clean. You only need to sweep it regularly and mop it with a mild soap solution so that it lasts a long time. Furthermore, it is a great solution for those who suffer from allergies as dust and allergens can be spotted easily, and hence, keep it clean all the time. 

For Modular Kitchens

Laminates are ideal for beautifying kitchen areas. Today, most homes have their kitchen spaces decorated with this surfacing material because of its elegant durability and ease of maintenance. In addition, you can pick your choice of kitchen laminates from a wide range of designs and types in the Royale Touche laminate catalogue. So, if you are thinking about improving the visual appeal of your kitchen space, you can go for matte finish laminates and glossy laminates as they are in high demand when it comes to kitchen décor. On the other hand, if you want to add a touch of colour, add solid colour laminates and mix and match it up with laminates off other designs. Even the metal finish laminates have high demand in kitchen areas because it radiates a modern and sleek appeal. 

Wardrobes and storage

Laminates are common surfacing material for storage space and wardrobes. As told before, you can pick laminates from a variety of styles and types to suit your décor theme and your taste. Wardrobes mean more than just storage space when it comes to interior decoration. Hence, installing laminates on your wardrobes and other storage space will only amplify the charm and personality of these furniture elements. From matte finish to glossy and other laminate designs, you can add any laminate to your wardrobe space according to your wishes. 

In a nutshell, there are various manners in which you can include laminates in your home décor theme. Being the best laminate brand in India, Royale Touche offers an array of laminate designs to choose from for both interior and exterior decoration. Finally, when you’re buying laminates, check for options that have high versatility in design and durability to ensure the best outcome of your home décor design. 

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