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Hearing loss can affect someone at any age. In fact, many people around the world are suffering from this problem. According to the World Health Organisation, 5% of the world’s population needs rehabilitation to treat their speech disability problem. If you also want to help them, then you have to complete the BASLP course.

If the same trend will continue then more than 700 billion people will suffer from hearing loss by 2050. This means more speech specialists will be needed in the future.

First, it starts happening slowly so you have to be careful because it will continue to increase with time. In case your loved one is facing hearing loss then make sure to help them. Follow these five tips to ensure they are doing well with the hearing loss problem.

1) Self Educate

Self-education is vital before you try to help someone with hearing loss. You need to have some prior information before approaching your loved one dealing with hearing loss. When you have some data in your hand, it will help you to make them feel comfortable in your presence.


The best way to educate yourself is by taking a course in audiology and speech. If you are willing to be their support, apply for the BASLP (Bachelor in audiology and speech-language pathology course after 12th.

2) Never Leave Them Alone

You can’t be present around them all the time. But yes, it is possible for you to never leave them alone.

Try to communicate by different means like texting. The more you can understand their perspective and thought, the easier it is to take care of them.

3) Take them for Check-Up

You have to take them for regular checks up even when they resist. This is to ensure they are getting treated right by the audiologists.

Audiologists gain several years of experience after completing their BASLP course and practicing at a medical center. So, they better know what’s best for their loved ones.

Schedule an appointment to get them treated within a limited time.

4) Change the Way you Communicate

Hearing loss can turn people into a reserved people. They don’t like engaging themselves in conversation. Thus, first, you have to learn the art of communicating with them.

  • Maintain eye contact while talking
  • Keep a medium pace
  • Use their name for getting their attention
  • Don’t move your lips or change the pitch of your voice too much
  • Rephrase when they aren’t perceiving your words

These techniques can be learned better when you are learning and practicing the BASLP course.

5) Practice Empathy

You can never measure how far your loved one is affected by hearing loss. Perhaps, they might be losing confidence and struggling to open up. In such conditions, you have to be empathetic and give them time to let them open in front of you. Be slow in these things or else, your loved one may choose to isolate himself.

6) Become an Advocate for them 

Whenever a person with a hearing loss problem joins a social gathering, it’s not easy for them to be in the crowd. Inform others beforehand that you are bringing someone having a hearing problem. This will help you handle things hassles.

Why IHS Bhubaneswar?

Institute of Health Science is building the future audiologist and speech-language pathologists since 1999. It offers medical certification courses on health science-related courses such as BASLP, BPT, and Yoga too. Get the chance to study from this pioneer based in the Chandka, Bhubaneswar region.

IHS College runs a BASLP course in Bhubaneswar for the students residing throughout India. You have the opportunity to become a savior for hearing loss patients by applying to the IHS BASLP course.

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