Linksys E3200 Router

Surfing the internet connection becomes very important for everyone to complete any work in an easy way. The mobile data connection is not able to provide a stable and fast internet connection. If you are looking to buy the router in an affordable price range, then you should go for Linksys E3200 router. It is suitable for small places like homes and small offices.

It is capable of providing a speed of 600MBps with both 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency bands. There are four ethernet ports, a reset button, a power button, a USB port, and an internet port on its back. The various ports on its back allow you to connect the extra device such as gaming consoles, smart TVs, laptops, cameras, printers, system devices, and many more. 

By connecting the wireless device, you can easily enjoy Live TV shows, stream movies and play online games. The slim and flat design offers you to bring the device from one place to another very easily. The setup operation of this device is a cakewalk. Just visit myrouter.local from the browser and complete the setup. However, you can also complete it by installing the Cisco software from the CD Drive.

How to Backup and restore the  Linksys E3200 Router Configuration?

Resetting the Linksys E3200 Router device will exchange all your Linksys device settings to the default one. But all the settings you customized manually for the device will be lost. However, there is also an option to restore all the customized settings you do. This is by restoring and backing up. Backing and restoring the configuration will offer you to restore all the configurations of the Linksys device that you have customized. To restore it, follow the below operation.

Firstly, login into the Linksys E3200 Router device by typing the official website. A new interface with sign-in details will open. Enter the sign-in detail. After successful login, click on the management page under the administration icon available on the top. Along with the backup and restore icon, there is a backup configuration option, choose it. Hit the save option  After that, choose the location and again select the save option to restore all the configurations. Now we discuss the operation to set up the port range forwarding for your Linksys E3200 wireless router.

How To Setup Port Range Forwarding For Linksys E3200 Router?

The port range forwarding feature enables the device to convert the upcoming traffic to the particular port. The port forwarding setup operation is simple and can be done by logging into the web management page. To set up Port Range Forwarding For Linksys E3200 Router device, you need to follow these simple steps.

Enter Login Details

Firstly, login into the Linksys device by typing the official website. A new interface with sign-in details will open. Enter the sign-in details by entering the passcode and the Linksys username.

Setup DHCP Server

Now set up the DHCP server settings by hitting the security tab option. Under the Security tab option, choose basic setup and enable DHCP server. Also, change the maximum number of users that can be connected and click save. 

Manage the Ports Range Forwarding

Move to the port range forwarding option available after clicking the Application and Gaming tab. Now fill in the name, start port, and end port numbers. To set the protocol, select TCP in Linksys E3200 Router. In the IP address box, fill in the last three numbers of an IP address. Now tick mark the empty enabled box beside the IP address section. Now hit save to enable the port range forwarding function.


Using Linksys E3200 Router device for 9 months. It works very well in the starting months, but it disconnects by itself. The Linksys E3200 wireless N router setup is not as easy as expected. Even the range and speed are not enough to meet the expectations. Faced a lot of issues while logging too. Forget that you can stream movies and Live Tv shows using this device. I called customer care to fix this issue but they did not give me a perfect solution to my problem.

I also reset the device but it did not fix the disconnecting issue. It still disconnects after 9 months of purchasing this device. A terrible device for me. I suggest all the users not purchase this useless item. It is totally a waste of money. Users who have extra money and want to lose it can buy this item.

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