Attesting UK Documents In UAE
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The process of apostille UK documents for the UAE is multi-step. It can also get frustrating if you are unfamiliar with the attestation procedure. As providers of attestation services in the UAE, we have observed the challenges people encounter when completing the attestation procedure independently. When presenting documents for attestation, people frequently undervalue the significance of paying close attention to detail. However, even the smallest mistakes in the submission procedure can result in delays and financial losses.

We advise leaving the complicated process of attesting UK documents to attestation service providers like ours. We have years of expertise assisting foreign citizens from all over the world with document attestation in the UAE so they can apply for a work or study visa. Additionally, we help with the attestation of business paperwork so that foreign nationals can open firms in the nation. Get in contact with us right away if you require assistance apostilling UK documents for the UAE.

Document attestation procedure.

Step 1: Send the document to the British Council in the UAE or a Notary Public in the UK.  

UK citizens have the option of attesting documents from the UK or the UAE. The documents must first be sent to the British Council in Dubai if they decide to start the attestation process there. The documents’ validity will be checked by the council.

UK citizens who choose to begin the attestation process from the UK must send their documents to a Notary Public there. Your documents are delivered securely to our partners in the UK by Benchmark Attestation Services using reputable courier services. Our colleagues present the paperwork to a Notary Public who authenticates it and adds an apostille stamp. You can check out Apostille certificate Attestation in UAE for more information.

Step 2: Submit Documents to Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO-UK)

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO-UK), which oversees all document attestation in the UK, can legalise the documents after they have been attested by the British Council or a Notary Public. It notifies foreign governments that the document may be used abroad.

Before sending documents from British Overseas Territories to the FCO-UK, the relevant local governments must certify them.

Step 3: UAE Embassy Attestation

The documents must be delivered to the UAE embassy in London for final approval before being sent back to the UAE when the UK authorities have completed attesting them.

Step 4: Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)

Our team will deliver your UK paperwork to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as it arrives in the UAE (MOFA). The procedure of attestation ends with this step. You can also check out  MOFA Attestation Dubai for additional reference.

How much time does it take to certify UK documents for the UAE?

Even though the attestation procedure is challenging, it may be finished in a few weeks if you work with a reputable attestation services provider. Our team takes pleasure in offering prompt services, and we make it a point to keep you informed at every turn. We haven’t ever experienced any rejection in our many years of operation. Our crew is especially cautious while working with sensitive documents since we recognise their importance. Just visit OnTime attestation if you need help apostilling UK documents for the UAE.


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