Arena Creative Campus Jayanagar, a division of Aptech Ltd that was founded in 1996 with the primary objective of producing skilled labour to meet the demands of the creative sector, offers instruction in animation, web design, VFX, gaming, and multimedia. Through its graphic design course, Arena Animation has successfully trained over 11,500 students to date. With a vast 20,500-square-foot campus and 10,000-square-foot play area, Arena Animation Jayanagar offers cutting-edge infrastructure in the centre

of Bangalore’s Garden City. They provide top-notch training resources in the areas of animation, filmmaking, visual effects, gaming, multimedia, and web design.

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You can find a ton of information about offline and online graphic design training facilities with Arena graphic designing. You must carefully sort through the material at your disposal to select the best course and institution. To create a gorgeous, alluring, and persuasive graphic design, a skilled graphic designer must be able to analyze the subject and the client’s requirements. Before beginning their work and refining it on the computer, many graphic designers start by making a preliminary sketch on paper. There are a few talents a graphic designer must acquire in addition to drawing in order to work as a professional designer.


  1. A. It is the responsibility of graphic designers to create engaging graphics. The use of graphics, typography, photos, and colours is essential to a graphic designer’s success. To better comprehend the demands of their work, graphic designers investigate and examine the audience for whom they are creating. Jobs for graphic designers are available in a variety of industries, including online development firms, the IT industry, news and broadcast, print and publishing, and many more.
  2. One of the most crucial elements of web and mobile development is user experience and user interface design. In the modern era, it is extremely uncommon to discover a website or mobile application that doesn’t incorporate these essential elements.
  3. Designers who have some experience, an impressive portfolio of their work, or knowledge in specialized fields in marketing, graphics, or design could establish a career finding freelance jobs. However, freelancing is also fantastic as a side job that can increase your knowledge and earn you some extra money.
  4. An advertising, graphic design, or brand marketing company manager known as a creative director is in charge of managing the daily operations of the department and aids in visually defining the essence of a brand. Their responsibilities include creating brand guidelines, preparing company commercials, overseeing brand campaigns, and rewriting presentations. They are also known as design directors. He or she makes all important choices regarding how to manage both internal and external company operations in their capacity as the agency’s head.


As a graphic designer, you must understand how to use design tools to produce visual concepts that convey your ideas, advertise the product, and draw clients. There are both online and offline business marketing methods in today’s trends. Others could need banners for websites, while some will only need a design for print publications.

Taking a graphic design course after your 12th-grade year opens you with a wide range of job options. If you have chosen the right college at this point, then your chances of success increase multifold. At the beginning of your career, you may expect to make between Rs. 15,000 and Rs. 30,000 as a graphic designer. Additionally, the pay scale will rise in line with experience in the industry and the type of creativity and effort you put in the job.. A graphic design course develops a person’s artistic talent while also providing training in the software and tools used for graphic design.

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