international universities in Switzerland

Since the past decade, the demand for international universities in Switzerland has drastically skyrocketed. Such a massive increase can be attributed to the high quality of the curriculum and internationally recognized programs.

Therefore, more international universities in Switzerland have opened their doors to students and parents. This has helped them access an improved education system, thereby obtaining wider opportunities ahead in their lives.

Below mentioned are the reasons for enrolling their children at international universities in Switzerland:

International Curriculum

In international universities, there is an abundance of flexible programs and curriculums which prepare students for their future and prospective careers.

Since there is a big focus on specialization, it ensures that the students are taught subjects deemed fit for tertiary education and their intended careers. Simultaneously, the students can participate in class activities that suit and interest them.

English as a Medium of Instruction

Predominantly, students of international universities in Switzerland are primarily taught in English. This is one of the significant reasons international school students possess a good command of the language. Thus, when communicating in English, students from international universities are confident and have fluency in the language.

From a young age, students are encouraged to become polyglots. International universities urge students to select a second and third language for their programs. Languages such as French, German, and Dutch are included in the curriculum of these international universities.

Conversing in multiple languages is beneficial for the student’s future career. Learning a new language boosts the student’s memory and brings about immense career opportunities far and beyond.

● Holistic Education

At international universities in Switzerland, students explore their lessons through experiential and hands-on learning. Such innovative techniques for learning help students strengthen their overall abilities in the academic, mental and social spheres. Furthermore, such activities encourage students to think beyond their imagination and pick valuable skills that later apply to their life.

Moreover, international universities in Switzerland have a low teacher-to-student ratio. Such low ratios ensure maximum engagement of students in the class as they primarily benefit from the undivided attention of their teachers.

● Growth Opportunities

International universities in Switzerland help foster selfless traits while students strive and aspire to make a difference in their communities. Involvement in extracurricular activities helps students cultivate leadership and sportsmanship skills. Possessing such skills allows students to remain confident and overcome the challenges in life.

Furthermore, students are trained in their interpersonal and intrapersonal skills. These skills lead them to take quick decisions and mold the students into influential global leaders.

● Unity in Diversity

The international universities in Switzerland comprise students and teachers from various nationalities worldwide. Some of these include China, Russia, France, the UK and even the USA.

International school students celebrate cultural differences and conduct various activities such as research and celebration of festivities. Such broad exposure to diversity helps foster and inculcate a spirit of global citizenship from an early stage of the student’s life.

Eventually, it benefits those students who wish to study abroad. Thus, they adapt quickly and fit right in with their fellow peers.

Due to the vast and boundless opportunities available at international universities in Switzerland, more parents are opting to send their kids there. It cannot be denied that international universities are often costly. Furthermore, studying in international universities helps in experiencing a high quality and all-round learning experience.

By Russell Crowe

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