Granite and Quartz Countertops

Are you planning an upgrade to your kitchen or bath in your Perrysburg home? The project likely includes sourcing material for stunning new countertops. Should you be thinking about granite, or is there something new and trending that makes a better return on your investment?

Surprisingly, even after over two decades as the most-requested countertop material, granite remains the most popular option for homeowners. However, quartz is maintaining a close second. What makes these two choices the right ones for you?

Granite Countertops Add Value to Your Perrysburg or Toledo Home

When considering the resale value of a kitchen or bath renovation, granite counters earn the best return on your dollar. While more affordable laminates can nearly duplicate the appearance of granite, potential buyers constantly look for natural stone surfaces in their potential homes. Not all granites are a luxury option. There are quite a few granites available that fit into your budget-conscious design.

Quartz Delivers the Looks and Performance of Granite in a Manmade Stone

When creating your new design, you may not find a granite slab with the color and tones that complement the decor. Quartz is a great option. While it is a manufactured stone, it often duplicates the appearance of many popular granites and marbles. The fabrication process creates a more consistent look with fewer inclusions or bold veining. It is comparable in price to many granites. Finally, it has similar heat, stain, and scratch resistance.

Natural and Neutral Colors Stay in Touch with the Times

Why is granite and quartz enjoying such longevity as popular options in home decor? Since they derive their colors from natural materials, they tend to be neutral additions to your home. جدول سباق الخيل While the fashion world changes from bright blue to gray to green or yellow as the color of choice this year, your stone counters will blend with nearly any palette. You can keep changing out the curtains, rugs, and paint and your granite countertops will remain an elegant centerpiece to the room.

Granite and Quartz Countertops are Both Durable and Maintain Their Good Looks

Your countertops are some of the hardest-working surfaces in the house. When you opt for a quartz or granite surface, you are investing in the future of your bathroom or kitchen. Both materials are nearly indestructible. When properly maintained, you can expect them to keep their like-new appearance for decades. It won’t be the countertops that wear out and demand another renovation in 10 years. Just consider that granite is cut out of mountains and those have stood for millions of years. بلاك جاك

Easy Care and Maintenance Seals the Deal

Finally, there is nothing difficult about caring for a granite or quartz countertop. Since stone is naturally porous, it does need to be protected from stains. The countertop is installed in your Toledo or Perrysburg home with a sealant in place. ربح المال من الانترنت مجانا You maintain the seal by using a gentle daily cleaner that includes a sealer. That’s it! Wipe up today’s crumbs while protecting your countertop.

Ultimately, both granite and quartz create a beautiful finish for your Toledo kitchen or bath countertops. Discover a huge selection of both types at The Countertop Shop located just down the street in Monclova near the Toledo airport.

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