Are Doggy Daycares Safe and Reliable?

Puppy parents must make sure a doggy daycare is worth their expense. Doggy daycare and pet spas have been a rage in the current times; they seem comfortable alternatives to traditional pet kennels that pet owners have chosen for decades.

These pet facilities allow working professionals to drop their fur babies off at the daycare in the morning and pick them up after work, much like the human children’s daycare. However, every comfort and luxury comes at a cost, and the whole affair can get pretty expensive, especially if you leave your pet many times a week.

Keeping the monetary aspects aside, how do you know if the doggy daycare center properly cares for your dog and supports it with things necessary during health and sickness? It is vital to ensure your dog’s stay at the daycare is pleasant. However, consider being prepared with dog insurance in NZ, so your puppy can access quality medical care at all times just in case.

Cheap pup insurance policies help equip your furry baby with basic health benefits during accidents, injuries, and health emergencies at affordable costs, so contemplate purchasing a policy if you haven’t bought one already. Meanwhile, read this article to learn if doggy daycares are safe and reliable places for your pet pooch to stay during your time away from home.

Is a doggy daycare worth it?

There are plenty of doggy daycare facilities in New Zealand. Doggy daycares differ from traditional kennels in the sense that your fur baby won’t be kept isolated in a cage. Your pet may instead spend time with other four-legged friends, interact, and play with them.

Some puppy parents consider doggy daycare centers ideal places to leave their furry precious while running errands or heading to work, and others consider it a needless expense. So, before you make this decision, it would be wise to learn about the merits and demerits of leaving your pet in a doggy daycare.


Your dog doesn’t have to be alone when you get busy. A daycare helps avoid separation anxiety, depression, and behavioral issues related to isolation for long periods at home.

Offers splendid opportunities for socialization. Your pup will be permitted to interact and play with other fur babies for limited periods.

It is also a good chance for releasing the pent-up energy in overly active dogs. Your puppy might be as tired as you once you return home, so you don’t have to deal with a puppy frenzy after a long day’s work.

You wouldn’t feel guilty and have much more peace of mind knowing that your canine pet is cared for properly during your absence.


For some dogs, it may be hard to mingle with other fur babies. Remember that not all dogs enjoy socialization or have the right temperament to be around other canines for an entire day.

The doggy daycare staff may not be responsible enough or trained well to manage the number of pets they accept daily.

Using the facilities regularly can quickly shoot up your expenses from tens to hundreds of dollars, depending on the hospitality.

To get real value for the money spent, consider exploring the daycare options in your locality or other alternatives, like hiring a pet sitter or walker or requesting a friend or neighbor to look after your pup during the day.

At the same time, consider buying dog insurance NZ, so you don’t need to hesitate to get your puppy quality medical help during distressing health situations. Cheap pup insurance helps support your canine fur baby with the medical care it deserves at economical costs, which is why you should contemplate signing up for a policy online.

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