It all matters when it comes to deciding whether one player decides to choose one MMO over another, and that means missing dollars to game developers. Players tend to look at the size of the game, which means how many people are currently playing the game before joining it. The game World of WarCraft boasts of its incredibly popular game with over 6 million active players. Did Blizzard really make the right decision to announce the size of the game to its large population? Yes, we know this is a great MMORPG game, but the player asks himself, “Am I caught.”

Games like World of Warcraft and Runes cape have a surplus of players that makes novices feel like it’s too late for them to jump on the boat. Why start the game 5 or 6 years after making the game and you have all these people with super crazy armor and swords that can take down thousands of armies.

On the other hand, smaller MMORPGs like Puzzle Pirates benefit from having small user groups.

Yes, they don’t make that much money, but from the player’s new perspective, its lands aren’t covered, a chance to make themselves good before others get that the best monitor for rtx 3070 and monitor for 3080

Puzzle Pirates, MMORPG based on the basis that a tiny novice pirate will reach the top with skill and determination gives the perfect example of undiscovered oceans. Since the game doesn’t have a huge game size, you don’t have to fight between millions to be the best and that’s what makes a game great. Puzzle Pirates gives you that opportunity … and I can tell you I did.

So why is this important?

If you are a game developer, you need to remember all of these things to maintain a healthy gaming environment for your players. World of WarCraft certainly needs to address the ongoing problem, “How can we keep these members in our game?” The battles of Puzzle Pirates, on the other hand, require you to know how to “Get more members”.

Ultimately, you will always struggle to figure out the answer to this problem if the games are too big, and where is the originality of each player. If only a few, what else is the meaning of being “famous” in a game if one of them is rarely played?

Disadvantages of Large Game Size:

* Large mmorpg-sized populations have less room for the individual to shine

* Congestion, walking, ability to speak in public places

* Being a professional takes longer as game developers find it harder to reach the top

Disadvantages of Small Game Size

The game can feel devastating

“Where is everyone?”

Less money for the game, less expansion, slower growth due to funding

Advantages of Big Games

More money for developers

Faster updates, better features because money is not an issue

Larger community, more help and support

Advantages of Small Toys

You will probably climb to the top first. Then press all the beginners

You become king when the games hit

Get rich quick

It’s not too crowded

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* You will be the first to know the advantages of the mmorpg game

A new MMO that has just been released and has a relatively large game size is Heroes of Newerth. In this scenario, game developers were faced with the enormous size of the game when it started. It will be interesting to see how this mmorpg game works.

By Syed Khubaib Saifi

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