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Have you got a big project on your hands and need a helping hand? Are you looking for support to be able to run your SaaS business successfully? Or perhaps you need a new developer or a third-party for SaaS application development services, but you are confused by abbreviations like TEM and DDT?

If you responded positively to any of the aforementioned questions, you’ve got to read this post. 

TEM, DDT – What Do They Mean?

Team Extension Model (TEM) – you hire a developer or several developers by engaging a vendor for application development services who have a pool of highly skilled developers. This solution allows you to make your IT team completely operational and adaptable to the task at hand.

Development Team (DDT) – Choosing DDT means that all the development team members are involved with the project and work separately in their offices.

A definition alone is not enough to clearly understand these two concepts. This is why we will shed light on the pros and other aspects.

Why Should you Choose the Software Team Extension Model?

The most significant advantage of using TEM is staying in control – new developers complement your existing team and not simply replace them. The second thing is improved communication between you, your permanent employees, and TEM making all of them equally involved and responsible for the project. This ultimately leads to good communication and teamwork.

Although it seems obvious, your team’s support comes from the people you choose. Team extensions allow you to form your dream team by hiring your perfect candidates, not necessarily the entire group. They will also be focused on the project and better understand your company’s vision, working style, and culture since they will become an integral part of it for the project’s duration.

Still not convinced? 

You may want to explore the concept of Dedicated Software Development Teams.

Hire Dedicated Developers team seems like a quicker option – you don’t have to search for particular people. Still, it is adequate to pick a team that meets your expectations. It will definitely save you time and allow you to focus completely on other important aspects of your project or business. 

When a dedicated team works on your SaaS project, it will allow your employees to breathe a sigh of relief without experiencing any interference in their daily work.

With DDT, you are also sure that they will do everything to keep you content with their work and launch your project in a grand way. Bear in mind you have to have full confidence in your tech partner whom you choose to provide SaaS application development services.

Steps to Take Before Making a Decision

Consider the statements mentioned above before reaching a decision. They can prove quite helpful – we believe they could prove a game-changer for you.

You should consider the company’s mission, culture, attitudes and obstacles related to this project. After that, you should compare the conclusions with the prospective partner for SaaS application development services. Do you agree with the potential partner? Have you come to similar conclusions? If so, you might consider cooperating.

Are you using the same toolsets and frameworks? Remember, seemingly insignificant differences can turn into nightmares during mutual teamwork.

Give the other side an idea of your company by introducing yourself and your team.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, there is trust. Can you count on each other? Does the vendor deserve your trust, and are you willing to collaborate with them? Trust and loyalty are the foundations of collaboration.

In most cases, hiring a dedicated application development company or an extension of an existing team will cost the same, but it shouldn’t determine the decision. Instead, consider the project scope, the needs of the team, and the expectations of the person ordering.

How to Integrate TEM and DDT in Your Company?

You can choose any model you wish. So, we’ve prepared a simple guide that provides tips for using it.

Let’s start with team extension:

  • Plan Ahead

Before hiring someone. Make sure you know which skills and knowledge you need. It will be extremely helpful during the search for developers.

  1. Know your Potential Provider for SaaS Application Development Services

It is necessary to do it! Whether or not you hire a potential SaaS app development company, your team should have a say in this respect as they will be working with them.

  • Give Them Some Time to Blend In

Have patience because you do not require big results right away – the extended team will take time to adapt and learn to work with one another.

  • Create an Effective Workflow

Yet again, integrate the extended team model into your corporate culture, management style, communication, etc. Then analyze which tools you can leverage during the project. Using this approach helps new developers blend in with your existing in-house team. More importantly, it delivers quicker and better results.

  • Organize a Brainstorming Session

Organize a brainstorming session with your in-house team to determine the priorities. It will also allow them to know what should they focus on while working on the project and where they expect help from the extended team. Finally, it will help pick the members of the extended team.

  • Set Up an Interview

Schedule a video conference with the potential agency that is looking to offer you applications development services. It will help you better understand your prospective partner and their approach to work. Make sure you think in the same manner. Don’t forget to check the flexibility and ask for the estimated cost and references.    

Outsourcing software development is a helpful solution for any startup or established company dealing with a complex or long-term project. Or when you want to lift the burden of your in-house team and want them to focus on other essential tasks. 

We at DFY SaaS hope that these tips will prove beneficial for your venture.

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