The flea market is a place where “one person’s trash is another person’s treasure”. You might be able to spot a beautifully rusty birdcage while you’re there.

You can see immediately how simple

it is to paint the house and make it a Victorian home for your bird. Before you spend a lot on this item, Ugly Birds  consider the risks. They are sometimes stunning pieces of metallurgy or craftsmanship but may be better suited to ferns than your canary.

Antiquated birdcages pose a major

concern due to their potential for toxic effects. These works of art were often made from lead and zinc, which both have dangerous properties. The zinc and lead can still be found despite being cleaned and painted. Bird owners know that birds love to chew on toxic metals. It is possible to quickly remove the outer paint layer.Antique Bird Cages

Because they are often made from lead, the seed-guard mesh is particularly dangerous. Lead poisoning can cause devastating neurological damage. Zinc can, however, cause serious anemia.  Blackbirds 

Antique birdcages can be quite large

Many are decorative and don’t allow your bird enough space to spread his wings. Although he may be able to look quite nice perched in his cage, the cage may feel like a prison to him. Birds spend 80 to 90 percent of their time perched, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have a large cage so they can move around if necessary.

Before you decide on the aesthetic appeal of a birdcage for your home, think about the real-world risks.

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