A majority of what you read on Pit Bull dogs is likely to be in the vein of Pit Bull Attacks Child or unprovoked Pit Bull Seriously Injures Chihuahua. They are depicted in the media as aggressive, unpredictable, and violent. As with most stereotypes, this one is rife in inaccurate information.

The people who work in animal shelters rescue dogs, as well as Pit Bull shelters, have very different stories to share in comparison to the stories you have heard. The dogs they work with are misunderstood and have gained a bad image. Many volunteers and workers who are closely associated together with Pit Bull dogs share their experiences and tips. After having a better understanding of Pit Bulls, you may be tempted take one home.

1. Pit Bulls Are Not a Recognized Breed

They’re a group of dogs consisting of a variety of breeds, such as the American Pitbull Terriers American Staffordshire Terriers Staffordshire Bull Terriers as well as English Bull Terriers. Indiana Birds Rena Lafaille director of the office of administration as well as marketing of the ASPCA Adoption Center in New York City.

“Most of the dogs we see at the ASPCA Adoption Center that someone may refer to as a Pit Bull are some mix of another breed, making them a unique breed of their own with varying personality traits,” Lafaille claims.

“Pitbull” or “Pit Bull” has different meanings for different groups according to Samantha Nelson, policy specialist for companion animals at the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). “Animal welfare professionals don’t have a consensus on what constitutes the definition of a Pit Bull. Police officers aren’t in agreement as do dog owners. aren’t sure what is a Pit Bull can be. There isn’t a standard legal definition of Pit Bull. The term is used without regard to the context and frequently use it without a plan.”

2. Pit Bulls Are Frequently Misidentified

A large portion of the pups belonging to the category of Pit Bull dogs are actually mixed breeds claims Haylee Heisel. She is a Dogtown behavioral consultant for Best Friends Animal Society in Kanab, Utah. Humans, she adds are not able to accurately identify mixed breeds. “Many studies have proven this–some indicating we are wrong up to 90 percent of the time.” Animal Shelters Want You to Know About Pit Bull Dogs

Therefore, the dogs being classified by their name as Pit Bulls may not even contain Pitbull-type breeds (American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, for instance) as part of their genes, claims Nelson. “Through canine genetic testing, studies have found that even people in animal-related professions can’t accurately identify the breeds in a mixed-breed dog’s genealogy through visual inspection,” Nelson says. Nelson.

Pit Bulls Are Individuals (Not a Stereotype)

“One of the most important things we would like people to understand is that every dog is an individual. Whatever their appearance, each dog’s character and behavior must be evaluated on an individual basis,” says Lafaille.

Examine the dogs in the same breed, and you’ll notice differences in temperament, behavior, and physical abilities. Pit Bull dogs aren’t any different. “Like many other breeds of dogs, certain Pitbull breeds are energetic and some are sedentary. Some dogs are social; others are reserved. Some dogs love each other; others aren’t,” says Heisel.

The HSUS suggests potential pet owners to inquire about their dog’s individuality Nelson. Nelson. “Is the dog good with other dogs? Do they want to play and run all day long, or are they couch potatoes? You’ll be the most likely to find your perfect companion by looking at the dog’s personality as distinct.”

 Breed-Specific Legislation Doesn’t Make Communities Safer

Breed-specific legislation is not popular with many. German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix  (BSL) believes it’s a misguided idea and creates a false feeling of security. “It seeks to improve public safety by reducing dog bites, but instead of being focused on the dangers of animals it incorrectly labeled certain breeds, including Pit Bulls, as the most dangerous. These restrictions play into negative stereotypes, and they are insensitive to the pet as well as those who care for them. It is essential for everyone to understand that any dog could attack,” says Bretta Nelson who is the public relations director for Arizona Humane Society in Phoenix.

BSL is expensive and is difficult to enforce. It can strain an already-overloaded animal welfare system, according to Nelson. “These laws force dogs out of homes and into shelters, taking up kennel space and resources needed by animals who are truly homeless.”

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