Like the operators, the Orange TV Football package is not an additional company service, but is included with the operator’s Total TV. If it’s included, you don’t have to pay anything to watch all the games at Orange’s best price, which also includes a 50% discount for the first two months.

Orange’s Love with Total TV – which starts at 95 euros a month, 47.5 euros in the first quarter – offers more than 50 shows and DTT channels. With the Plus (€ 110) and Plus four line (€ 130), you also get free Netflix – the ability to watch content on two screens at once – and an annual subscription to Amazon Prime. Unlike Moister, who has no commitments, it takes 12 months to complete.

Orange internet, television and mobile phone transactions

Football allows you to connect up to five devices to your account, even if the same content is not played on the same device. You can now watch football online on your TV or computer and watch TV on your TV at the same time.

To complete this year’s football viewing service

You must receive Motile Plus (five euros per month). Only the Media set platform holds the Copa del Rey football rights on television. Also for DAZN, who still have the right (until next year) to watch Copán Del Rey or a Premier League match, you can watch 스포츠중계 online if you are happy with the competition. So far, the DAZN football tournament and fees are 9.99 euros per month, increasing from March 17 to 12.99 euros.

Another similar option is the Footer section.

For the same price (€ 9.99) which this year offers games with the First RFEF, several second RFEFs and the first and second rounds of Copán del Rey. This will allow you to watch all the matches played this March until next season. Vodafone continues to distance itself from football channels, which according to the company are not as useful as series or movies. In recent years, Orange has also ruled out the possibility of concluding a television platform contract with one of its companies, and with it the opportunity to watch football with Jazzier. We can also decide on another option to watch football on TV: Medicare (the owners of beans) will not be allowed to broadcast Leila Santander matches. With the transaction to buy and offer the Monistat football channel unable to complete, as Orange did, Bean lost content in relation to the kings of sports.

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