amla tablet

Amla is highly nutritious and has been connected to various health benefits. Many studies suggest that amla is good for improving kidneys, liver and heart health. It helps a lot of people who suffer from various health issues. Daily consumption of amla tablets not only make your skin healthy and glowing but also improves eyesight. Amla Is very healthy for everyone, be it kids or adults. In kids, amla helps to boost immunity which helps children to prevent common infections like cold or cough. For maximum benefits it is suggested to be consumed early morning on an empty stomach, it can be consumed twice a day. It also removes excess toxins and is a rich source of vitamin C and calcium.



  • IMMUNITY BOOSTER- Amla acts as an immunity booster for kids as well as adults. The immensely high presence of vitamin C and antioxidant power helps in building your immunity. It is well-known to fight viral and bacterial infections effectively. In addition to this, it also reduces the effect of health ailments such as cancer and heart-related problems. 
  • BEHAVES AS A BLOOD PURIFIER- High level of vitamin C content in amla tablets contributes to making your blood vessels stronger and healthier. Also, the antioxidant power helps in detoxifying the body. Consuming these tablets daily can add up a lot to your haemoglobin and efficiently purifies blood naturally. healthtracksolution
  • PROTECT CELLS AGAINST FREE RADICAL DAMAGE- Antioxidants in amla tablets protects the cells from free radical damage. Diseases like cancer are caused when cells start using oxygen and leave behind residues like radicals. These tablets prevent as well as repair the damage done by these radicals. Chromium element in amla tablets also helps in regulating insulin and controlling blood sugar levels which makes it excellent for diabetics to be consumed. Immunity Bloom-Rawcurim capsule boost your Energy, Immunity & Build a Healthy Mind & Body for an active life
  • PROMOTES HEALTHY HAIR GROWTH-Amla capsules for hairs is a great solution to every hair problem. It prevents greying of hair, hair fall problems, treats dandruff, cleanses the scalp and almost everything. Regular consumption of amla tablets is the solution to almost every hair problem you are suffering from. doctorisout
  • REDUCES PIGMENTATION- Amla is also very beneficial for skin as its vitamin C components decrease dark spots and lighten up the skin giving you a beautiful glow. 

To sum up, amla is a very rich source of vitamin C and antioxidants which makes it a solution to almost everything. Amla tablets to some extent can prevent as well as cure some chronic diseases. Its antioxidant properties even prevent dangerous diseases like cancer. These tablets also contribute to the betterment of hair and skin. It helps in getting smooth and healthy growth of hair and promotes flawless skin. Just adding two amla tablets to your daily routine can bring a very good and big change in our lives. Also, it has rejuvenating properties, improves eyesight and also strengthen the liver, kidneys and heart. At last, we can conclude that amla tablets can act as a beauty agent as well as it can be super beneficial for one’s health.

By Syed Khubaib Saifi

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