Teenage Gifts

“Old Navy plaid tee is perfect gift for the guy who never shops for himself”. 


The majority of adolescent boys are still developing their distinctive style. Whatever level of interest (or lack thereof) he has in clothes, there’s one item that’s certain to go over well. A traditional plaid shirt. Thanks to its subtle-yet-flattering colours (grey and dark blue), relaxed-but-not-slouchy fit, and soft cotton-spandex material, this one from Old Navy gets hundreds of positive ratings. It’ll certainly become his go-to piece for years (Teenage guy) to come, whether combined with a t-shirt or worn on its own. 


L.L. Bean Quad Pack is for the teenage guy who has a lot to tote. 

In high school and college (even if it’s mostly remote), a nice bag is essential. If your teen’s backpack is fraying around the edges, consider replacing it with the L.L. Bean Quad Pack, our top pick for the best backpack. Squishy shoulder pads, plenty of well-organized storage space, and easily-adjustable straps making it easy to accommodate any body type. 


HP Envy x360 for the tech-savvy student 

The HP Envy is one of our favourite budget laptops, and it’s perfect gift for high school and college students. It’s small and light, yet strong enough to endure jostling in a backpack, and it operates quickly and has a long battery life. Overall, its performance outperforms the sub-₹800 price tag, making it an excellent pick for anyone looking for a highly functional, low-maintenance laptop


Hydro Flask is a great gift for the outdoorsy guy. 

A Hydro Flask water bottle is a wonderful gift for any teen, whether it’s for sports practise, hiking, or staying hydrated during the school day. The Hydro Flask is our favourite water bottle out of all the ones we’ve tried because it retains heat and coolness well, doesn’t transfer odd flavours, and is easy to carry around thanks to its small design and cap grips. (Not to mention that owning one is, in a low-key way, a status symbol.) 


For the person who, if he could, would eat Taco Bell every day: blanket for burritos 

This blanket is a must-have for any guy who lives and breathes Crunchwrap Supreme after school or practise. (Or a burrito from Chipotle.) Alternatively, a frozen microwave burrito. (Or, actually, any type of burrito.) Its strange tortilla pattern and soft microfiber texture are ideal for curling up after a long, hard day when he just wants to relax (food, that is). 


Carhartt Acrylic Watch Hat is perfect gift for beanie fans

Thanks to its classic design and tightly woven acrylic fabric, this Carhartt beanie has a lot of fans. It keeps the wearer warm, comfortable, and stylish. Best of all, the cap is available in more than 25 colours, allowing kids to express their individuality while wearing it, even if everyone at their school has one. Buy an online gift for her and make her feel out of the world.


Sneaker balls, Bombas calf-length socks, and Allbirds wool runners for the sneakerhead 

Allbirds, a trendy, ethically derived shoe brand, is everywhere—and, according to our review, is well worth the hype. They’re very comfortable, long-lasting, and stylish enough to please even the most discerning shoe aficionados. 

You’ll be all set if you add some extra-comfy Bombas socks and odor-neutralizing shoe balls & personalised lamps online. (hey, foot stank happens to the best of us). 


For the guy who enjoys playing lawn games: Cornhole on a Tabletop 

Cornhole is a socially acceptable sport that is virtually universally adored. (It is, after all, a sport.) When it’s necessary to play the game inside due to colder weather, rain, or snow, this tabletop version is a terrific option. With eight small beanbags, plastic launchers, and a scorekeeper on the board, it’s a surefire way to have a good time with the family inside the house. 


For the music fan on the go: Waterproof JBL Flip Speaker 

Because of its outstanding sound quality and long battery life gift, this JBL is one of our favourite portable speakers. It’s also nearly waterproof and fairly durable, so it can withstand being tossed around in a bag or being used as all-purpose speaker in a college dorm, for example. It’s also available in a variety of colours, including camo, to fit anyone’s taste.


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