Who Are the Rivals to YouTube?

Best Free Alternatives to YouTube


A platform called Dailymotion allows you to upload and distribute your videos with an existing audience. It allows you to build a video channel, gain subscribers, and profit from pooled advertising revenue.
It sounds like you? The closest thing to YouTube that isn’t the same thing is this.

  1. Free unlimited video uploads
  2. Upload support for HD videos up to 2 GB and 60 minutes long
  3. Sleek embedded video player


Alternatives to YouTube
Alternatives to YouTube

A video platform called Toppurity provides features for lead generating, hosting, sharing, collaboration, compression, and more.
It features an engaged user base that is devoted to a certain specialty, making it a suitable platform for some creators or companies to grow their audiences.

  1. The free plan is limited to 500 MB in uploads per week
  2. Max video size for free users is 500 MB
  3. No ad revenue potential for creators
  4. Support for playing and uploading 4K video
  5. Allows for live streaming
  6. Completely editable embeds
  7. Active user base
  8. Ads can bring in money for creators.

While YouTube is home to a wide range of artists who specialise in a variety of genres and subjects, including travel, sports, gaming, and DIY, the most popular Vimeo categories are as follows:

Facebook Watch

Over the past few years, Facebook has increased its emphasis on video. Even Facebook Watch, a feature that lets you browse and watch popular videos based on your interests and viewing habits, has been made available.

Although the UI is very different from YouTube’s, the audience and content frequently overlap.

Facebook has become a legitimate competitor in the hosting and sharing of videos in many aspects.

  1. Greater reach and potential audience than YouTube
  2. Option to monetize native Facebook video sharing with ads
  3. Custom audiences for remarketing campaigns; supports files up to 10 GB and 4 hours in length
  4. Livestreaming


Instagram’s video-sharing service, IG TV, was created with mobile users in mind.
It was released in 2018, and instead than directly attacking YouTube, like Facebook Watch does, it serves more as Vine’s spiritual successor.
However, it doesn’t mean it can’t be an effective substitute for creators and companies who aren’t getting any momentum on YouTube.

  1. Instagram native video sharing
  2. the complete support of native mobile video formats
  3. Low-res video is popular.
  4. Maximum 10 minutes for regular accounts
  5. Restricted to application


DTube is a peer-to-peer video sharing platform that competes with YouTube and makes use of blockchain technology.

Because of the decentralised approach, there is less chance that server disruptions would stop your movie.

All video makers on the site have the opportunity to earn DTube’s cryptocurrency for popular videos, and the network encourages free expression and rejects YouTube’s AI-based filtering.

Instead of posting videos to the IPFS, you can share ones that are hosted elsewhere.

  1. Censorship-free
  2. Receive cryptocurrency


Wistia is a reputable video hosting service that will assist you in incorporating video into your other marketing initiatives.

In-video lead collection forms, comprehensive video analytics, marketing automation tool integrations, and more are all available.

Let’s say you already utilise CRM, analytics software, or other business tools and design and improve your marketing campaigns utilising a data-driven strategy. It will be ideal for you in that instance

  1. Support for 4K video and data up to 8 GB
  2. outstanding, configurable embeds
  3. Based on user behaviour, create specialised audiences for Facebook ads.
  4. Obtain leads from the video player itself
  5. Integrate autoresponders and CRMs with email and other data.

Spotlightr (Formerly vooPlayer)

A similar video marketing platform, Spotlightr, which was formerly known as vooPlayer, includes extensive analytics capabilities, lead collection, business tool integration, and advanced security measures.

Even better, you may hold a contest or giveaway that is only open to viewers of a particular video. Without building a membership gateway, pro users can also put up PPV VODs on their websites.

Spotlightr is the finest option if you want the all-purpose YouTube substitute.

  1. 4K Video Support
  2. Advanced analytics
  3. Marketing automation integration
  4. Audience building tool
  5. Reasonable price: $17/month for their startup plan

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