All You Need To Know About Granite Worktops for Kitchen

Nothing transforms a kitchen’s appearance like new worktops and equipment. It might be difficult to choose the proper materials for your worktops. There may appear to be no end to your alternatives, each with its advantages and drawbacks. Your choices are based on liking and money, just like with any other home renovation job. If you are modernizing your kitchen and to get the best type of Kitchen worktops in Hertfordshire, you should know about granite worktops.

Granite Worktops

Due to their sturdy material construction, low maintenance requirements, and an assortment of colors and compositions that go with any home’s decor, granite worktops have long dominated the kitchens of many homes. Before that, granite was used as a major construction material for literally thousands of years, particularly by the Egyptians who employed it to build pyramids and columns, most particularly those known as Cleopatra’s Needles. Granite had become famous as a major choice for kitchen counters in the late 1970s and has stayed a very popular choice ever since.

Granite worktops are designed to last for a long time and complement a lot of kitchen designs. This article will guide you about granite worktops in Hertfordshire.

Sources Of Granite

Granite is natural, produced from stone that resulted from hot lava that had cooled. Although it is mostly made of natural stone, it has been treated and blended with additional components.

Granite may be found throughout the world since it is created from molten magma. It must be extracted from quarries, which is a significant undertaking. The main producers of granite are nations with significantly cheaper mining prices, such as India and Brazil, as this lessens production costs. It will take millions of years for a chunk of granite to form.

The Manufacturing Process of Granite Worktops

Quarries found near granite deposit areas are used to mine granite. Huge chunks are removed from reserves using explosives and transported to processing facilities where they are diamond or water jet cut into slabs, before being transported to a manufacturing company where they are polished with additional machinery and occasionally cut into smaller slabs. Slabs can be shipped anywhere in the world because of modern shipping methods.

Granite worktop suppliers will have to further polish the stone to meet a specific kitchen design and include items like sinks and taps. Professionally qualified craftsmen are required for this work, and it can be time-consuming to accommodate only one feature.

Advantages of Granite Worktops


Due to the high aesthetic value of Granite, I must start with beauty. A gorgeous piece of stone is the best way to make your kitchen stand out. The perfect granite can transform your kitchen into a work of beauty, whether it’s used for the countertops or the tiling. When it refers to beauty, granite has always been the benchmark. Every granite slab is stunningly distinctive and is harvested directly from nature.

Granite Is Hygienic:

The cleanliness of granite kitchen surfaces is another important benefit. Granite is easy to keep since it resists bacteria and dust. By making granite impermeable and preventing anything from penetrating it and leaving a stain, sealing it offers further protection. The smooth surface of the sealed granite is quite simple to clean.


Granite is very durable compared to other worktop options such as Corian, stainless steel, or marble. When compared to alternative worktop materials like Corian, and alloy steels, granite is much more durable. For kitchen countertops, granite is a reliable, durable material. It is one of the most resilient stone products for kitchen worktops now on the market and is susceptible to cracking and scratches.

Granite is extremely chip and scratch resistant, but with enough force, it can be harmed. Your granite will have certain areas that are tougher than others because granite is typically made up of several distinct stone varieties.

Permeability of Granite:

The permeability of each material is another factor to take into account. Being natural, granite is a porous substance. Regardless of the type of granite, we advise re-sealing the marble tops every 1-2 years. Granite is fairly stain-resistant when properly sealed, but most sealers are vulnerable to acidity found in things like limes, tomatoes, wine, and other things. For granite to remain stain-free, there must be some continual management, care, and vigilance.

Granite Fixing:

Granite is quite tough and does not chip or easily scratch. But if this does happen, it is easy to fix. A hardened putty in a complementary color can be used to patch a tiny scratch in the granite. The kitchen surface can then be protected to keep liquids and other foreign items from harming it.

Types Of Granite Worktops

Following are the types of granite worktops:

Modular Granite Worktops:

Granite worktops that are modular are a wonderful addition to any kitchen. These worktops are available in a variety of sample granite colors and have a mid-range price point that fits medium to small kitchens. Because they are pre-cut into slabs of a set size, modular granite worktops are less costly to put in than customized counters.

Slab Granite Worktops:

When it comes to remodeling kitchen worktops, slab granite worktops are one of the priciest options, but they’re also beautiful to own. When placed and sealed properly, slab granite worktops are watertight, handle heat well, and can even serve as a substitute for a cutting board. Professional installers from the granite worktops in Hertfordshire custom-cut and transport them to your house.

Decorative Granite Countertops:

Anyone looking to spice up their standard kitchen design can choose colored granite countertops. There is a vast selection of colored granite worktops, including pinks, browns, greys, blues, and gold.

Granite Worktops in White or Black:

With colored appliances or even svelte stainless-steel appliances, white as well as black granite worktops go beautifully. Regardless of the hue of your current kitchen, these more neutral worktop choices are simple to match.

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