All you need to know about archival prints!

Archival print collections are acknowledged by people worldwide. It helps to get ancient facts in a film format on every digital platform that is easy to access and grasp for ages. Especially for research scholars, archaeologists, and those interested in knowing the facts of ancient periods, archival prints help to a great extent. If you are in Sault Ste. Marie, you can get a wide collection of different types of archival prints in Sault Ste. Marie, to meet your purpose perfectly.

What are archival prints?

Archival prints are the print formats made in modern quality resolutions with the content of old times available in traditional format. The collection of prints and films of ages is stored and protected in a place with all the safety measures. As we live in a digitalized world, the print format is required to be digitalized so that everyone can avail of it without disrupting the quality of content. The purpose of archival prints is very important to get historical information digitally on digital platforms.

5 types of archival prints

The archival prints are categorized in different formats to easily make them available for everyone. Here we have jotted five amongst them that are commonly served by the archival print shops.

C-type prints

C-type is a traditional print format that is made in a darkroom from a transparent or negative file. The print is produced on light-sensitive print paper by using chromogenic processes. Before the arrival of digital technologies, there were widely used, and it is also used largely for many professional purposes to make quality digital art copies.

Silk Screen

The silkscreen archival prints are made with finely woven fabric, porous, and are stretched over a frame made of wood or aluminum. The print work is blocked with non-permeable materials to make the copies stencil and can be printed in image formats without hampering the quality. This print format has been largely used since the 1940s.

Giclee print

One of the most common collectible print formats for archival collections in this digital era is Giclee prints. It is made while scanning the original and optimizable digital file and transformed into image formats to publish with different archival links. High-quality coated printing paper is used in this printing process.

Lith Prit

The lith print is made utilizing the photographic printing process. The process needs lithographic developers with black and white standard photographic print papers.

Digital Darkroom Print

The digital darkroom prints are produced from a computerized digital file with a black and white darkroom. It is a form of digital C-type print. Offering quality and highly efficient prints ensure the richness of monotone grades.

Many other types of archival prints are available and are offered in high-quality in Sault Ste. Marie. If you are looking for the best Archival Photographic Prints in Sault Ste. Marie, you can surf the internet where a list of available hubs will prompt before you. You can select the one by looking at its credibility and recognition. Find one now!

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