Chocolate, mawa/khoya (evaporated milk solids), and sugar are all you need to make this delicious twist on the traditional modak. Prepared in less than 30 minutes, this dish is perfect for hosting guests over the holidays. The chocolate modak recipe may be used as a guideline. Try out this dish for the Ganesh Chaturthi holiday. Both chocolate connoisseurs and young children will enjoy chocolate modak. Chocolate chips are an essential ingredient in this dish. In its place, you might use excellent quality cooking or baking chocolate.

The mawa or khoya called for in this dish is of the unsweetened kind. Mawa may be made at home, or you can get it from specialty confectioneries. As chocolate is a universally appreciated treat, adding it to modaks will win many fans. You can’t go wrong with this as a sacrifice to Bhagwan Ganesha or as a treat for the family. This dessert would be a hit with the little ones.

A Recipe for Chocolate Modak

  • Use ghee, butter, or a flavourless oil to grease a modak mould. Put aside. These moulds may be purchased at any kitchen supply store or on the internet.
  • Cooking on a cold pan is a miserable experience. Add 1 cup of grated or crumbled mawa and maintain a simmering or low heat. The mawa would begin to melt after 1–2 minutes. The mawa’s quality, the pan’s depth, and the heat’s strength all have a role in how long it takes to cook. Put two teaspoons of sugar into the melted away. The amount of sugar used is a matter of personal preference. Then, immediately stir in a third of a cup of chocolate chips. It’s important to use high-quality chocolate chips.
  • Chocolate, such as semisweet chocolate, milk chocolate, or dark chocolate, may also be used for baking and cooking. You should finely chop the chocolate, measure it, and then use it in the recipe. It’s best to have the chocolate ready before cooking the mawa. There would be a noticeable thickening of the mixture. Keep stirring over low heat until the chocolate has melted and is evenly combined with the mawa.
  • Maintain constant low heat, stirring until the pan contents pull away from the sides and form a cohesive ball.
  • Please take a little amount of the mixture on a spoon and attempt to roll it into a ball to see how it holds together. Take precautions against the heat. It is done if the mixture can be rolled into a nice ball. Avoid cooking for too long to avoid a thick, chewy, or hard texture. As soon as you see the ingredients have clumped together into a cohesive ball, move them to a new container.
  • Form the mixture into 1-inch balls by rolling it between your hands. The chocolate mixture should be warm before being moved into balls.
  • Drop a little ball of dough into the modak mould. You may easily give them the mould’s form by pressing your index finger toward the mould’s centre. If any mixture is sticking outside the modak mould, just cut it off and save it for another time. Prepare a dish by gently greasing it with ghee or a neutral-flavoured oil, then set the chocolate modak on top.
  • Rose petals and freshly chopped pistachios or almond slices make a lovely garnish. Donation to the Lord Ganesha. You may eat them right once or store them in the fridge for a sweet treat later. Keep leftovers in the refrigerator for up to six days. It’s best served cold or cooled for optimal flavour.
  • To begin, gather and prepare all of the necessary components.
  • Prepare modak moulds by greasing them with butter, ghee, or oil. Leave aside.
  • Cooking on a cold pan is a miserable experience. Reduce the heat and stir in the mawa, which should be crushed or grated.
  • Hold off on adding the rest of the ingredients until you’ve stirred for a full minute over low heat. The mawa would begin to melt after 1–2 minutes.
  • Add the sugar to the mawa once it melts, and whisk for a full minute.
  • The chocolate chips should be added immediately.
  • The chocolate chunks would be molten. To ensure that the chocolate melts and incorporates evenly into the mawa, you must constantly stir over low heat.
  • The powdered cardamom should be sprinkled.
  • Stir the mixture constantly over low heat until it pulls away from the sides of the pan and forms a ball or lump. It will turn chewy and thick if you cook it too long.
  • Put the contents of the bowl onto a separate dish, tray, or plate immediately.
  • Please wait while I let this concoction cool down.
  • When the dough is warm enough to touch, scoop out little amounts and roll them into balls between your hands.
  • Carefully release the mould, and proceed as before with the remaining ingredients.
  • Put the ready chocolate modak on a greased platter. Oil the platter with ghee or other oil with no discernible taste.
  • Top with finely chopped pistachios or nuts, and decorate with rose petals. Pray to Bhagwan Ganesha and present him with a modak made of chocolate. They are perfect for a sweet end to a meal, and they may be made ahead of time and stored in the fridge for later.
  • Use high-quality cooking or baking chocolate for the chocolatey flavour but without the chips. Try to find couverture chocolate.
  • All types of chocolate, including milk, semisweet, and dark, will work. You may adjust the sugar content upward if you’re using dark chocolate.
  • Make sure to use mawa that is both fresh and of high quality. Throw out any mawa that has gone bad before using it. There shouldn’t be any bitterness in the mawa. However, if you are preparing this dish for Bhagwan Ganesha, you should refrain from tasting it as you go. Find a trustworthy retailer to get your fresh ingredients if you can. Keep yourself clean and tidy, and remember to pray while you prepare this meal.
  • You may modify the sugar content to suit your taste. You may adjust the sweetness of this chocolate modak by adding extra sugar.

In less than 30 minutes and with just three ingredients, you can whip up a batch of Chocolate Modak, a traditional sweet for the Hindu festival of Ganesh Chaturthi. All you need is mawa (evaporated milk solids, khoya), chocolate powder, and sugar. These modaks are perfect for passing around as a holiday treat since they are sweet, creamy, and flavoured with chocolate.



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