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Additionally, experts warn that caution should be taken with raw meats, fruits, smoked products, preserved vegetables, juices, sauces and soups because they can be infected with other bacteria – Clostridium 먹튀검증 which can toxic and cause severe pain. Diarrhea. Symptoms appear about ten hours after drinking. It also usually grows when these foods are stored for several hours at room temperature, such as Bacillus cereus; They do not die in fire or high temperatures.

“It can be in the environment, in the soil, in juicy vegetables, and in the digestion of human or animal food,” Garrett said. Because they are invisible to human eyes, these germs can get into food due to poor hygiene in the area or human hands coming in contact with food.

Biological Institute I Thomas Peron,

Food biochemists confirm that salmonella and Escherichia coli are the most common pathogens. The former is often found in raw meat, poultry, eggs, raw mayonnaise, chicken, sauce, spices, milk, dairy products, and raw vegetables.

“Escherichia coli, which causes hemolytic urinary syndrome in the worst case, is found in raw meat, but also in raw vegetables and unsafe water,” said Veronicas Arias, head of testing at the Microbes Center. Argentina has the highest incidence of the disease.

Due to the lack of eye germs, healthcare professionals urge consumers to monitor local hygiene and make sure food is in the refrigerator and products are fresh.

They were forced to eat right away.

That is, if we take it to the office and leave it in the refrigerator for a few hours, it will produce bacteria that can make us sick. Arias also pointed out that if you bring food home, you don’t have to wait more than a day to eat it, otherwise it will be thrown away.

Things to watch out for when buying processed foods:

  • Make sure the food is stored at a good temperature
  • Check workplace hygiene requirements
  • Avoid eating raw or unbalanced foods
  • Avoid eating raw vegetables (especially chopped ones)
  • Avoid boiled rice and potatoes stored at room temperature

Do not consume mayonnaise or homemade cosmetics, preferably in one package.

By Syed Khubaib Saifi

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