Advertising is a paid solution to gain momentum with a retail business. It enables a retail brand to quickly gain visibility and generate sales opportunities. There are lots of advertising opportunities for retailers. Advertising retail products to increase sales is a common practice. When done right, it can drastically improve sales efforts for a retail brand. Advertising can improve the reach a retail brand has within their vertical market. Advertising can target a specific demographic and audience with sales incentives. There are lots of advertising options for retail brands. Explore some here.

Retail brands have assistance available to them. There are professional services available to retail brands. These services help them with the objective of improving advertising campaigns, as well as overall sales efforts. Consulting services are available for retailers that want assistance through guidance, advise, and more. Consultants know what works and what does not. Best practices are put to work with consultants.

To increase sales, here are some of the most common and popular methods for advertising retail products:

Social Media Advertising

Social media is a great place for retailers to advertise. Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram can provide a retail brand vast amount of exposure. Paid advertising is utilized with social media platforms in two ways usually. One way is to increase a retail brands reach, as well as followers. This means paying to increase followers and likes. Boosting posts increases likes. This is very effective with platforms such as Facebook and others. Depending on the desired audience, a retail brand must pick the right social media platforms to advertise on.

Search Engine Ads

Through advertising solutions such as Pay Per Click (PPC), retail brands can advertise through search engines. It is a bidding system and can be costly. It again depends on what type of products are sold and competition for them. PPC programs with search engines such as Google, Bing, or other enable retailers to get exposure quickly without too many complications. Search engine ads can drive traffic to a site, shopping page, specific product, and more. They can advertise incentives and specific offers.

Third Party Site Ads

Third party site advertisement is referred to websites that offer advertising opportunities. This can be associations, industry websites, blogs, and so on. Any website that has website traffic and an audience that matches the retail brand’s audience is a good fit. Retail brands can reach out and find out what the advertising rates are to take advantage of the opportunities. Some websites have massive number of visitors monthly. They can be a good option for retailers. Most of them provide statistics of site traffic and visitors to sell advertising.


One of the newer advertising methods is the role of the Influencer. Even though the concept is not new, the modern influencer is. Usually, an influencer is someone even a celebrity who has a very large following on social media platforms. An influencer charges a flat fee usually to post on their channel about the retailer who is advertising with them. This can drastically increase sales and opportunities for a retail brand. Influencers that have the most visibility also charge the most. Some can charge millions of dollars per post.

Streaming Platform Ads

Advertising retail products, includes now the utilization of streaming platforms. Ads like traditional TV ads are created and displayed in-between TV show and movie breaks. This is done on streaming platforms that sell advertising. Even Netflix has recently announced that it will have a plan with advertisement now. Ads on streaming platforms makes sense. It is how we watch movies and television shows nowadays. There are free platforms such as TubeTV which utilize ads consistently on their streaming platform.

Publication Ads

Many publications have gone online. This is true for most magazines and newspapers. There are still good advertising opportunities with publications. It is depending on the type of products sold. This determines what publications apply. There are very well-known publication such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, and many other. There are industry publications, business, retail specific, product oriented, consumer based, and so on. Retail brands should find publications that have the exposure they desire for their product line and brand.

Advertising retail products to increase sales can be improved with professional services such as marketing services and professional help, such as through consulting services. Consultants work with clients to guide, advise, and provide the help needed to increase sales. Marketing services facilitate the much-required activities to increase retail sales. Speak with a retail business expert about your brand, business goals, and challenges.

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By Russell Crowe

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