is corn good for weight loss

When it comes to food you can’t really resist the aroma and the taste of it. And especially when its sweet corn you are duly to enjoy the delicious irresistible taste of the juicy sweet corn. But did you know eating sweet corn is just not some mundane activity to binge on? And, that brings you health benefits? 

Yes, you heard it right, sweet corn being high in fibre and minerals is a good probiotic that aids digestion leading to facilitating a better metabolism that not only helps in weight loss but also regulates a healthy balance for digestion of food and absorption.

If you’re in a dilemma about how to eat sweet corn for weight loss, we are here to help. 

Being relatively low in calories, sugars and fats, consuming sweet corn in a boiled form is one of the best ways to regulate weight loss and intake the most out of the vegetable. Eat it with some salt and relish with vegetables to regulate a balanced diet.

Apart from the monotonous choice of consuming corn in a boiled from, you can eat it by roasting it simply, without adding any butter or oil. Stir-frying with vegetables, clear sweet corn soup, baby corns etc are other ways you can consume corn for weight loss.

What are the benefits of eating sweet corn?

Already speaking of the weight loss benefits, there is a multitude of advantages that consuming sweet corn can put over you. Read below to know more.

High nutritional value

Ranging from low calorie to a protein rich source, corn is dense in carbohydrates and high in fibre. This aspect of sweet corn benefits the overall health of an individual and regulates a healthy digestive system, reducing several ailment-causing agents.

Rich source of antioxidants

The human body is posed with significant threats ranging from lack of nourishment to viral infections. This makes space to consume food that is rich in antioxidants. Sweet corn being rich in vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that protects cells from damage and reduces the risk of heart diseases and cancer.

Maintains eye health

Containing carotenoids and zeaxanthin, sweet corn helps combat free radical damage, eliminating the risk of poor eyesight. It is thus, beneficial for eye health as consuming corn, helps in reducing lens damage that might lead to cataracts in some cases.

Takes care of the heart

Fibre plays a considerable role in decreasing blood pressure and cholesterol. Sweet corn provides an individual with a decent amount of fibre, leading to a boost in your overall fibre intake and keeping your heart healthy

Improves memory

Not all of you must be aware of this fact, but corn being significantly rich in the concentration of vitamin B1; helps improve memory and promote healthy cognitive functioning. This aspect of sweet corn consumption is typically helpful for the elderly as it may minimise the risk the Alzheimer’s disease.

Wondering, is corn good for losing belly fat? In simple words it is. Ranging from antioxidants to vitamins, sweet corn contains every element that is necessary to regulate a healthy metabolism in your body, followed by better digestion and food absorption. 

Still reading? Run to the supermarket now, and cook for you delicious yet healthy dishes out of sweet corn, without having to worry about gaining weight. 

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