Canada is one of the very few countries that has an immigration policy that is purely based on ideologies like fairness, compassion, and humanity. The canada immigration agency in dubai offers an immigration plan whereby it invites applicants to Canada who can contribute significantly to the country’s economic development, who possesses good education and skills, ability to integrate within the Canadian society, and share the same values.

Points to look out for when applying for Canadian visa.

  • A plethora of jobs prospects in almost every sector
  • If any skilled worker immigrates to Canada, they can also benefit from Canada’s Universal Health Care program.
  • One of the most defining reasons – the quality of life is higher than in many other countries in the world.
  • As mentioned earlier as well, the Canadian immigration program is quite welcoming toward immigrants.
  • The ones who are more inclined towards business opportunities are also welcome and are encouraged to start a business without any bureaucracy.
  • If you wish to immigrate with your family – excellent schooling options for you to choose from
  • Visa-free travel from Canada to over 1000 countries is probable

The above mentioned help in selecting the best consultancy in dubai for canada

One of the guideline or roadmap templates of how to approach immigrating to Canada from Dubai is explained below:

  1. Online registration: A person who has done his suitable decision-making and who possesses the necessary qualifications and work experience can register online to start the process of getting wings.
  2. Counselling meetings with consultants: The certified consultants/experts will then get in touch with you to take this proposal further and explain to you the formalities to follow after they have successfully reviewed your details.
  3. Documentation and submission of application: The highly informed and experienced consultants will leave no stone unturned to take you one step closer to your dream and assist you with all the paperwork. They will then start working on getting you a nomination from the provincial or federal government so that you can proceed to the next step. 
  4. Filing visa upon nomination: Once you receive a nomination, leave the hassle of filing the visa for you on your consultants and within the given timeline.
  5. Pre-landing and post-landing formalities: The services offered by the consultants don’t end here they must also assist you with all the formalities before your flight and everything that you must be aware of landing and staying there at least for the beginning.
  6. Ready-Get-Set-Fly: Finally you are ready and all set to fly away to the country of your dreams and start living your dreams king-size.

Just to conclude, today Canada is amongst the top on the wish list of many immigrants who are seeking a better life and life opportunities for themselves and their families. Just so you know – About 22% of Canadians today are immigrants and one in every five Canadians that are being born are foreigners. This shows the country’s ideologies toward immigrants and very soon Canada will top the list of the countries with the largest number of immigrant populations. This makes Canada one of the most preferred second-home for many.


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