Volumetric Concrete In North London!

Delivering concrete in a busy city like London is not easy. The streets tend to be narrow, and the traffic can cause delays in delivery. This is why the best option is often Volumetric Concrete In North London.

Any delay in delivery will not harm the concrete one bit. Moreover, there are additional benefits to using Volumetric Concrete Near Me, that are worth considering. That said, let’s take a look at the benefits and good reasons why Volumetric Concrete is a good choice.

1. First And Foremost: The Quality!

It is only fair to start with this. Compared to all other types of concrete, you can get the best quality when you use volumetric concrete. This is because it is delivered as soon as it is mixed. As any professional would know, the quality is best with fresh concrete.

Volumetric concrete trucks are perfectly capable of mixing concrete on-site or even mid-transit. Furthermore, these trucks are state-of-the-art mixing and batching plants! Or at the very least, they are capable of what batching plants can accomplish, if not more.

2. Precision Is More Or Less Guaranteed

One of the major benefits of using Volumetric Concrete Near Me is the precision in mixing. You can measure, mix, and produce the exact amount of concrete as needed for any job. In other types of concrete mixing, over-mixing and the consequent waste are common issues.

This has also caused some environmental concerns. With the destination the earth is moving towards, we cannot afford to destroy the earth even more. That said, the mixing itself does not contribute to pollution.

Cement production, on the other hand, is a major contributor to pollution in the world. We can avoid this by simply switching to Volumetric Concrete in North London. This will bring cement production under control.

3. Flexibility On Site

One big reason to switch to Volumetric Concrete! With the other types, you have limited options. Moreover, you cannot change your mind once the mixing is begun. This means that if you need to change the mix for any reason at all, the entire batch goes to waste.

At the same time, you don’t have this problem with Volumetric Concrete Near Me. Mixing can be held off until the very end. To add to this, it is also versatile within each project. You can pour multiple types of mixes within a single project.

This can be useful for construction projects that are volatile or require more than a single Concrete Mix design. With Volumetric Concrete trucks, this can be done with a single truck, saving on travel costs and fuel consumption.

4. Saving Cost To Varying Degrees

Cost saving is a major feature of Volumetric Concrete in North London. To begin with, you save the cost of over-production of a multitude of materials. The materials and mixed concrete that go to waste are saved.

The precision allows for precisely mixed concrete with accurate Concrete Mix Designs. Moreover, the mixing process can be held off until the very last minute. This in turn allows for the mixing of differing Mix Designs that the site may need.

5. Size Does Not Matter

Pun unintended. Still, with Volumetric Concrete Near Me, the size of the project does not matter. It is perfectly suited for larger construction sites as it is for smaller or medium ones. As such, it makes for a great concrete mixer.

For instance, within the same site, it can be used to mix large quantities of foundation concrete as well as the smaller quantity required for walls or flooring.

6. Speed And Efficiency

Volumetric concrete trucks are perfect for emergencies. They are also available almost at any time. As such, Volumetric Concrete Trucks are often used by local governments and municipalities to conduct urgent repairs.

This can be damages caused to roads by rain, issues in bridges and overpasses that need to fix as soon as possible, etc. Additionally, it can mix concrete for all of these needs and does not require the support of a batching plant.

7. Easy To Operate

While the right type of training is required to operate the mixer, it is easy to learn. Using a volumetric concrete mixer truck requires a little more training than is sufficient for truck driving. This is because the operator needs to be trained in using the mixer itself.

To this end, one can find various training bodies available for this purpose. On the other hung, driving the truck itself is believed to be easier than that driving other trucks or even a Ready Mix Truck.

8. The Most Efficient

Volumetric concrete trucks are highly efficient in mixing and pouring concrete. They can mix as large or small quantities of concrete as needed. Moreover, these state-of-the-art machines can mix as efficiently as a batching plant, if not more.

As such, these trucks are essentially moving batching plants, in essence. They are equipped with the necessary machinery needed to mix concrete. To add to this, they also have compartments to hold all the ingredients or raw materials.

9. All For The Environment

As we have seen above, the damage cement production can cause to the environment can be reduced with volumetric concrete. These trucks allow for precision in mixing. The control center located at the back of the truck can be used to control the mix.

As such, the measurement of each ingredient, the Mix Design, and more can be controlled through this. Furthermore, this can help bring overproduction under control. In construction sites, in general, overproducing concrete mixes is a common practice.

This is done to ensure that a sufficient amount of concrete is available. While it can still be mixed and added to the project, it might result in cold joints. Thus, weakening the project.

10. Transportation Benefits

Mixing concrete in batching plants, transferring them to barrel mixer trucks, and then transporting them to the site can be a hassle and surely time-consuming. Moreover, after delivery, the truck will have to go back to the batching plant to fill up before the next delivery, or they will send another truck.

This is not an issue with volumetric concrete. A single truck can be fully loaded and can move from site to site. The truck driver or operator will simply drive from site to site, mixing and delivering what they need. This can be beneficial to traffic, reduce pollution and save fuel.

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