A rose for a romantic affair; the Bollywood style

Roses are the most popular and most alluring flowers that girls are made to breathe. Men often pick it as a gift for their beloved on valentine’s day, anniversaries,  birthdays and also for a date and meeting with women, it is a must-have present that must be offered to women as they would hardly reject a rose. Online flower delivery in delhi is a fun gift to send to your girlfriend or close friends on their birthday, or on a special day such as Valentine’s Day. The most popular and classic lovely arrangement of flowers is a  ravishing bouquet of romantic roses. Want to let someone know that you love them? Whether it’s your first date anniversary or you are thinking of proposing (that’s so exciting!) turn to flowers to create the feeling.  A flower delivery of stunning red, pink or white roses will let them know! In order to make it more interesting, you can embrace your romantic affair with roses in Bollywood style. 

1.Gulaabo – Shaandaar-

If you fell in love with the soft pink blush on your beloved’s cheek, you can definitely compare the beauty of your girlfriend’s cheek with that of the roses. You can also give her a sweet nickname such as GULAABO and dedicate her this song gulaaaaaabo……. Zara itra gira do from the movie Shaandaar. This song was a huge hit on the box office and it has an amazing star cast of Alia Bhatt and Shahid Kapoor which makes the song even dearer to the people owing to the charm of the actors. 

2. Gulabi – Shuddh Desi Romance

You can celebrate your love in the Shuddh Desi style by incorporating this popular song Gulabi from the movie Shuddh Desi Romance. You can set up a romantic setup along with some lights, candles and not to forget; the flowers! To be precise, the Roses ! and play this popular song composed by Jigar Sahani and have a nice time with your beloved along with the charm of the flowers that you would be choosing to impress your partner. You can also sing your favourite lyrics from the song in order to make it more interesting. The most liked lines from this song are main bhi Gulabi tu hai gulabi din bhi Gulabi hai gulabi ye kehar. 

3. Gulabi Aankhen Jo Teri Dekhi

surprise your loved one with a red roses bouquet online and get it delivered to their door or offer it to them by yourself and sing this lovely song to them while praising their physical beauty and the beauty of their heart. You can also sing the song while strumming the guitar or ask one of your guitarist friends to accompany you while you would be proposing to the love of your life. This song has a huge fan base among people whether old or young. You can either use the old and original form of the song Sang by Mohammed Rafi or give it a modern touch by singing it as Sanam Puri has sung it. 

4. Tera Chehra Mujhe Gulab Lage – Aapas Ki Baat.

If you are one of those people who like to listen to old songs or if you still believe in the charm of songs that were introduced in the 70s 80s or 90s then you must be knowing about the popular song Tera Chehra Mujhe Gulab Lage from the movie aapas ki Baat. This popular song is sung by the legendary singer Kishore Kumar and it cast the famous duo of Raj Babbar and Poonam Dhillon. You too can offer roses to your dear one and express your love to her by singing this song which said that the face of the beloved is equivalent to the charm of the rose and the charm of both the flower and the beloved is so mesmerizing that their beauty cannot be put into words. 

5. Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh – 1942: A Love Story

You may send a sweet surprise to your girlfriend through an online bouquet of flower delivery in bangalore. You may please and impress her with this popular song sung by the veteran singer Kumar Sanu. You can play the song on an instrument or sing it on your own and make use of the charm of the lyrics that says that the sight of the girl seems to resemble that of the blooming of a rose. 

So, go ahead and give a kickstart to your romance with lovely roses.

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