Kel-Tec is well-known for its innovative firearm designs and has earned a reputation over the years. In addition, they are renowned for their keltec PMR30 extended bolt release pistol. It is a full-size pistol with a dual blow-back or locked-breech action that, from an engineering standpoint, is one of the most innovative pistol designs in decades.

The Keltec PMR-30 is one of their most popular designs, and its popularity stems mainly from how different it is from the majority of what is available. The PMR-30 is a full-size handgun with a 30-round capacity chambered in.22 WMR.

There is no reliable semi-automatic handgun chambered in.22 WMR on the market. Kel-Tec is the only manufacturer to release a.22 WMR semi-auto this millennium successfully.


The Keltec PMR-30 extended bolt-release pistol has undergone several improvements since its initial market introduction. The twist rate on the barrel rifling was increased to improve bullet stability and reduce key-holing. The frame is made of a more robust, lightly textured polymer. This eliminates frame drooping, which previously caused a large gap between the front of the structure and the barrel. This also makes the frame appear less shiny and gives it a less slick feel in hand.

More metal was added to the breech for reinforcement, presumably to completely cover the rim of a loaded cartridge in the event of a cartridge case head separation. To reduce the muzzle flash produced by escaping gases, Kel-Tec offers an extended threaded barrel with an aluminum flash-hider for the PMR-30. 

Ultimate Kit Gun

For those unfamiliar with the term, kit guns are utility guns you keep in your tackle box or glove box to shoot varmints and have a backup self-defense option in an emergency. 

If you’re backpacking or hunting in the backcountry, keep a Keltec PMR-30 extended bolt-release pistol in your pack if you need to shoot a rabbit or squirrel for dinner. They should be light, dependable, and precise enough to remove the head of a snake or other pest as needed.

Wrap Up

The Keltec PMR-30 extended bolt-release pistol is an underappreciated firearm. It may be a 

niche weapon, but shooting it will make you happy. It is an excellent gun for three types of gun owners.

People looking for a lightweight gun to carry while hiking or backpacking are the first group. The PMR-30 is a little large for everyday concealed carry, but it would make an excellent kit gun where open carry is permitted outdoors.

The second group consists of people who lack the physical strength to operate a standard pistol or revolver. The PMR-30’s trigger is feather-light, and the slide is effortless. These two characteristics, combined with the manageable recoil of the.22 Magnum rounds make it an excellent choice for people with less strength than the average gun owner.

Finally, the Kel-Tec PMR-30 is an excellent long-range weapon. You’ll want to shoot it for hours and hours with its loud bark, flat recoil, and large capacity magazine. It can also serve as an intermediate step for newer shooters because it makes the same amount of noise as a centerfire pistol. 

By Russell Crowe

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