Street Art

The boulevard art can entirely change the visual aesthetic of an area. A city full of concrete grey buildings and towering is revamped with light and colour with the addition of art. The advantages of street craftsmanship in communities is to minimise dirty and dull environments. Instead of feeling uninterested or dreary, people walking through the city can become uplifted and inspired. It also helps to encourage the public, stimulating people to pay attention to the world around them and to deal with their environment instead of disconnecting with their community. In addition to the paintings in physical environments, the workplace where learning and relaxing become attributable, opens minds to new avenues. 

A life full of feelings can be provided from Street Art as it adds complexity and character. In general, when artists come together with business leaders and civic leaders, they can create large scale works that entirely reframe a space. Those places that were once abandoned have now been revamped into cultural hubs and art galleries. This craftsmanship makes towns and cities give a distinct identity as an individual and breaks away from dullness.

Finding the purpose of Street Art

Sometimes boulevard craftsmanship not only looks appealing, but it has a sense of purpose. It usually wants to make a statement. The benefits of this painting in communities help express the values and life of a community. It can exhibit the values that people want to celebrate or share, for instance, a sketch of someone who is well known in the area helps to provide a sense of pride. People feel associated with others through the substantiation of shared values, history and stories in a manner that looks tangible. 

Sometimes the story being demonstrated is a social or political statement. Since its start, graffiti has encouraged discussions and been an instrument for free speech and protest. Graffiti provides anonymity which as a result provides freedom to artists to demonstrate whatever they want. In specific marginalised communities that are usually silenced can be listened to in a way that is peaceful but loud. 

Why is Roadside Wall Art Beneficial for the Community?

The roadside wall craftsmanship can entice tourists and bring economic development to a community. People from different areas travel to see other boulevard paintings and murals which can create an income stream for local businesses.The roadside wall painting can also increase community involvement and engagement. 

The wall art can bring vibrancy and colour to otherwise neglected or dull regions of a community. This Street Art can aid in creating an ownership and sense of pride among community members and enhance the entire quality of life. It can also serve as a platform for spreading social awareness and commentary as it can attract attention to relevant issues and spark discussions within the community.

By Russell Crowe

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