A guide on accessing and analyzing Instagram Reels Analytics for Video Creators (2022).


Your brand has created great video content. But how can you get more views and increase your visibility on Instagram? You can do this by using Instagram reels! Insta is a great resource for brands and businesses, especially since the 2019 introduction of the spins feature. This feature has made it possible to increase visibility for businesses. This must-read guide is for video creators. It will cover everything you need to know about the algorithm and Instagram reels. Let’s get to it: click here


What are Instagram Reels, and how do you access the analytics?


Instagram reels can be described as short video portrait videos. They are available on the app. You can make reels on Instagram in the same way as on Tiktok. They can be created within a timeframe between 15 and 60 seconds. These videos can be shared via Instagram stories, the Reel tab of your profile, and the Explore tab. They’re fun enough to keep you scrolling for hours.

Additionally, they offer businesses a great opportunity to connect with a wide audience and promote their products or services. So now you want to know how to access your Instagram reel analytics. It would be a mistake to keep posting reels and not knowing how many engagements they are getting. Here’s how you can check your Instagram analytics.

Next, open your Instagram account and tap the Insights link below your bio. This feature is only for professional accounts. This is not a problem. Even if you are a new user, it is very simple to change to a Creator or Business account via your Instagram settings.


Accessing Instagram Insights


To view the Analytics on Accounts Reached, tap the Overview section in the Insights tab. Instagram now includes reel analytics in its Reach breakdown. This makes it easier for users and helps them see how important reels are.


Instagram Insights


If you wish to view analytics for specific Instagram reels, scroll down to Reels on the Insights overview screen. Next, please tap on the right arrow beside the number of spins to see all performance metrics in one spot.


What Reels Does The Algorithm Choose To Show You?


Instagram algorithms determine the types of reels that will appear on your feed. The algorithm attempts to entertain you with content that it believes you will enjoy, regardless of whether or not you are following the creator. It selects reels from accounts you follow and accounts you don’t mind.


Your activity: Instagram considers which reels you have liked, commented on, and engaged. It helps the system find the content that best suits your tastes. The algorithm also tracks if you have interacted with the creators or viewers of reels. Responding to comments, using tags, and interacting with followers are ways to promote your spin’s content in your followers’ feeds.

Your interaction history with the reel creator: You may sometimes see reels from people you don’t follow. You’ve had interactions with them in some way. This means that Reels’ information is relevant to you and of interest to them.

Information about the reel’s contents: The Instagram algorithm uses the audio track, popularity, pixels, frames, and other information to decide what content you see. It is important to record high-quality videos as an Instagram reels creator.

Information about the creator: You’re more likely to see reels from those with a large following and get a lot of engagement (likes, shares, etc.). Instagram does not value reels by less-popular creators.


The Instagram Reels Engagement Metrics That You Need to Track


To help you determine if your reels are reaching your target audience and if they are interesting to them, it is a good idea to measure and check the insights regularly. These are the engagement metrics that you should track:

Comments: These metrics give information about how many likes a reel has received.

Savings: This tells you how many times someone has bookmarked your reel.

Shares: This considers the number of times that users have shared your story on Instagram or sent it to another Instagram user.


Reels Algorithm: What to Avoid


Here is where it gets tricky. Before you post, be aware of the themes and features in your reels so that Instagram doesn’t ignore or penalize your content. Avoid posting:

Videos of poor quality: Avoid recording reels with low-quality content and avoid using programs that leave watermarks when editing videos. Low-quality spins and videos with watermarks will be removed from the ranking.

Political content: The algorithm won’t recommend reels associated with political themes.

Political figures: The algorithm does not recommend reels that have been shared and shared by political figures, their supporters, or revolutions that were recorded on their behalf.


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