The hunger of the pines and the lush ground is something enduring for some souls in kheerganga. God created the Parvati Valley in Himachal to fulfill these desires and gave us green mountains, difficult roads, and mysterious alleys waiting to be explored. Explore the Parvati Valley. In the past, many mountain enthusiasts were drawn to the beautiful kheerganga hikes near the Castle. Recently, young people have become more popular, which is why they see many hikers each season. The

 Treks near Kasol will make visitors feel comfortable and humble while enjoying the beautiful views of Malana, Chalal, Kasol, Buddhaban, Kheerganga trek, and Sar Pass. From a few hours to a few days walking through the Parvati Valley, you will ride a roller coaster through the Himalayas. These hikes seem to be suitable for novice to experienced mountain travelers.

 1. Tosh-The PicturePostcard Hippie Town

 In the Parvati Valley, Tosh is a quiet town, where the natural world flourishes. From Barshaini, a cute little village and a favorite place for walking, between Kasol and Tosh, about 22 kilometers from Kasol, you can head to the Kasol Tosh trail. Tosh stands in a circle of the valley, surrounded by streams and lush meadows.

 Tosh is densely populated and full of tourists from all over the world. Make sure to eat delicious food here and stay comfortable.

 2. Chalal

 Chalal is connected by a narrow Kasol cable bridge and is a quiet and respectful place. This picturesque village is located in the mountains near Castle, at an altitude of 7,800 feet, and is one of the most scenic hiking routes in the nearby Castle.

 This place is also famous for its best hash food, surrounded by tall pine trees and cafes. You will love this place, Potheads!

 3. Kasol

 A 34-hour walk from Casor to Kasol-a charming village in the heart of the Parvati Valley. Chalal is also the base of Kasol, 30 minutes away from Kasol. Experience an unforgettable hike along the pine tree-lined path through the greenery.

 Jamdagni Rishi Temple is a must-see attraction in Kashol.

 4. Malana

 ascends to the top of Malana Village. Climb through difficult terrain. Marana is a wonderful place to walk and explore. The town has a population of around 500 and basic facilities.

 5. Buddhaban

 Tosh is the starting point of the most exciting hike in Castle. The temple is located in one of these places north of the town of Tosh. Except for a steep climb of 1 km near the village of Kutra, this trail is mostly easy.

 Starting from the village of Tosh near Casor, the highlights within a short walk include the apple orchard, the picturesque village of Kutra, the Tosh River, and the wonderful Buddha camp.

 6. Grahan

 Grahan is the perfect weekend slide from New Delhi and Chandigarh at 7,700 feet. Garhan is a campsite 10 kilometers away from Kasol, where you can get lost in the tranquility of nature. The final destination of Parvati Valley is picturesque campsites and comfortable locals, which can be reached by challenging hikes.

 Compared to Kasol and Tosh, Grahan is a fairly quiet slip. Make sure you are not completely interfering with the mobile network. No lanes, no roads! The wonders of this small town are also famous for its honey collection, waiting for you in the embrace of nature.

 7. Kutla Glacier

 The Kutla Glacier walks 8 kilometers north of Tosh, surrounded by impressive vegetation. Passing through the village area and some forests, you reach the Kutra Glacier, which is a less obvious glacier. It is the landscape on the way, it is the glacier that takes away the fatigue.

 There is nothing to do there so be sure to take a walk with friends and have fun on the hike. There are some shops, tea and fries on the way to Maggi.

 8. Kalga

 The scenery of Kalga is now attracted by many hikers who like to explore picturesque places and hidden gems. Since people visit it irregularly, you may find some kind of solitude or relaxation in nature. Although is uphill, it is not difficult to reach Calg because there are no major obstacles on the road. The three little-known towns of Calgá, Pulga, and Turga are the most suitable places to be quiet. You will also reach the popular Kheerganga Trek, although only a few people chose this route due to its low profile.

 9. Kheerganga-the most popular escape place in Kasol

 The magical kingdom where Lord Shiva has meditated for thousands of years is considered one of the most daunting trails in the Kheerganga Himalayas. Two routes can be taken, Rurdanag and Kalga, and Pulga, trekking through Kheerganga, an incredible Himalayan hideaway, stopping at 9,700 feet. Both routes distracted Barshaini.

 Through the dense pine forest, cross several rivers and immerse yourself in the magnificence of nature. You can climb the path. Note that for Rudranag, this is an exciting and difficult route, but it is relatively flat, with no trees, cafes, and places to stay.

Treks near Kasol will make visitors feel comfortable and humble while enjoying the beautiful views of Malana, Chalal, Kasol, Buddhaban, Kheerganga trek, and Sar Pass. 

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