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Innovation does not just happen in the world of technology but also in the world of creativity. Innovative products are coming up every day to make the life of painters and artists easy. Painters require precision and time to introduce their masterpieces into the world, so if you are still unaware of the advancements in the world of arts, be prepared to be amazed now. I have listed a few art supplies you will get at our art supplies Perth store below that you can immediately add to your shelf. 

Workshop Easel

An easel which is the first thing on my list and undoubtedly the most crucial for a home art stores is a big one. An excellent easel to use for painting or drawing is something that any artist would appreciate. It is reliable and only takes up a little space, and the pricing is also too reasonable to be true! 

A Good Day Lamp

Rain, clouds, and other weather-related factors can all impact a studio’s lighting. Yet, this lamp will allow you to paint whenever you choose, even at night. Why is lighting crucial? An artist can understand the precision of colors with the help of good lighting. Moreover, consistent lighting helps the artist work on a drawing daily while maintaining consistency in color and value choices. You can buy a day lamp from our art stores in Perth. 

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Stretched Canvas

A painting surface is necessary for an artist, and the most famous painting surfaces are stretched canvases or a board with canvas attached to it. 


If you’re painting with acrylics, you can omit these two components. Acrylic paint is water soluble, making cleanup with water simple. Acrylic medium or a little water can be used to thin acrylic paint. Turpentine is necessary for oil paint cleanup, brush washing, and medium thinning.

Drawing Paper And Pencils

An artist must have blank paper and a pencil at all times. For your convenience, you must always have pencils of different sizes. Use a handy case near your canvas to store your pencils, sharpeners, and erasers, so you do not get distracted often while painting. 

Towels Or Paper Towels 

The fewest fibers are left behind when you use paper towels on your canvas. You can cut old t-shirts into tiny pieces that work well as rags. I apply thin splashes to the canvas using rags and also use them to remove mistakes.

Neon Color Kit 

We often do not discuss Neon colors, and they’re a great addition to your shelf. These colors will add brightness to your work, and the diversity of these colors will make work so much color and be so attractive in general. These neon colors look great in daylight, which is an excellent addition to your paints. 

View Catcher or Viewfinder

The View Catcher of the Artist. Likewise known as a viewfinder. This is a beautiful small device. When the rectangle is the same size as your canvas, you can peek through it to select your view. Since there’s so much to see when painting outside in the open air, this gadget is convenient because it narrows your vision to only what you want to paint. Also, having it indoors is helpful in painting still lifes and figures from life.


The apron worn by an artist must be black. Why? Thus, depending on how near you are and your palette, the color of your apron can reflect onto the paints and canvas. The lighting of your palette will alter even with a white apron. The solution is black because it absorbs light but doesn’t give your palette an odd color.




Whether you are creating art at home, in a college or an institution, or as a professional, our art shop in Perth has the products in our inventory that will suit your style and preferences. Our art and craft materials are sourced from reputable brands in the industry, so you can relax if you are investing in reliable, high-quality products that will help you understand your inner creativity.

By Shan Ali

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