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WhatsApp is an outstanding tool for customer service. Customers are only a click away from your business. However, it is difficult for support teams to resolve all requests consistently. So, using a WhatsApp chatbot to automate customer service is the ideal option. Bots can provide customer service while maintaining personalisation due to artificial intelligence.

Earlier chatbots were enabled with very basic settings. However, chatbots have evolved significantly. Simultaneously, messaging apps such as WhatsApp are gaining popularity due to their user-friendly interface, multimedia sharing capabilities, and end-to-end encryption. As a result of these two, users can now acquire self-service rather than relying on human assistance. WhatsApp chatbot is driven by artificial intelligence to make things simple, quick, and customised.

Ways to Automate Customer Support with AI WhatsApp Chatbots

Welcome Greeting

The first greeting from an AI isn’t robotic. Instead, WhatsApp API captures users’ attention right away. A WhatsApp AI bot detects a user’s name during automated customer service to customise the first greeting. After that, the messaging is more conversational, which draws the user in.

Communication with Context

A WhatsApp business API can be incorporated into numerous channels, including your website, social media profiles, and advertisements. The bot deduces a visitor’s intent based on the interests across all integrated channels. This knowledge results in customised text and context-driven communications. Unlike generic chatbots, Machine learning-enabled chatbots improve over time and with more chats to provide more personalised and context-driven interactions.

Personalised Offers

Consumers who have previously purchased your products will receive personalised offers, discounts, and reselling incentives. WhatsApp Business API makes existing consumers feel unique, encouraging them to buy. They are pleased that the WhatsApp AI can send them offers relating to their select products via WhatsApp, leading to a long loyalty.

Solving Queries

You don’t want your consumers to wait for too long to answer simple or difficult questions. When you have an artificial intelligence chatbot coupled with a platform accessible on every mobile phone, answering customer questions becomes simple. NLP and NLU technologies enable AI chatbots to interpret frequent and uncommon requests. Furthermore, they are prepared to reply with an appropriate answer, information, or action. If an inquiry is too complex to be resolved automatically, AI bots allow human agents to take over the discussion. This provides a three-way dialogue on WhatsApp API, guaranteeing that questions are answered quickly.

Relevant Notifications 

Your agents don’t need to call clients to remind them of their upcoming bill payments. You can even discontinue sending emails to consumers telling them of new product releases, special discounts, and other updates. A single WhatsApp business API can handle everything. Each customer’s choices and previous behaviour can provide important updates, gentle reminders, and beneficial warnings.

Including a Personal Touch

Your WhatsApp API will have a distinct, appealing personality built based on your business positioning and industry standards. Then let it engage people in lighthearted, witty, and friendly exchanges. This improves your clients’ experience when they interact with your brand. Furthermore, a distinct personality allows the bot to imprint your brand positioning in clients’ brains.

Getting Feedback and Reviews

It’s difficult to get consumer comments and evaluations after resolving their issues, especially if you drive them to static forms. So when you use a WhatsApp business API to automate customer service, you also automate collecting feedback and reviews. That, too, in a conversational tone rather than handing out tedious forms to customers.

Use of Native Language

WhatsApp Business API lets you interact with customers in their local languages. More than 70% of customers are willing to spend more if you communicate with them in their native language. Businesses are going global by including a chatbot that can communicate in any language.

Adding personalised messages and conversations for your customers enhances the customer experience. For instance, WhatsApp business API providers like Mtalkz can conduct customised conversations and build a business relationship that customers look forward to. 

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