Ensuring all your procedures and services are fully optimized for your patients is the best way to achieve their satisfaction! Therefore, you need to think like your customers and adjust your processes and functions to meet their expectations. 

If you are looking for suggestions that will help you set your dental practice apart and ensure the complete satisfaction of your clients, here is a dental clinic setup list with suggestions you can implement:

Flexible financial options to our dental clinic setup list

Successful dentists provide patients with multiple payment options to have more interest in accepting treatment recommendations and returning for care. Additional financing options ensure personal financial circumstances do not impact dental health care decisions, including debit, credit, personal check, and cash. 

Expanding your team

As you continue to expand your team, you will be better able to offer patients various services. Dentists with many specializations, dental surgeons, dental hygienists, and dentists can all fall under this category.

Simply combining your dental service with a denture service will help you to offer a one-stop solution to your patients looking to have implants – you can perform the extraction, and the denture service takes care of the rest!

Billing desk Automation

Dental patients are not shy about making it clear that they’d rather not be in your office, and they don’t go unnoticed. Your patients will benefit greatly from a streamlined billing process if you automate it. With the right software in place, you can eliminate the horrible task of billing exponentially, allowing your dental practice to operate more efficiently.

Offer dental financing options.

We’re already talking about billing made using a dental practice loan calculator, and you already know that dentistry and its related services are costly. Most people without dental insurance (or no dental insurance) avoid going to the dentist, making for a difficult situation. Create a cost-effective financial policy for your patients in the next idea on our dental clinic setup list; it is for educating them about it if you want to add value to your service offerings.

Training programs 

Is your team in need of practicing their skills? When was the last time you thought about it? How about onboarding new employees? Continual dental staff training is necessary to increase employee motivation, productivity, and effectiveness. A training program shows you care about their careers, contributing to a productive workplace that thrives on success.

Working hours capitalization

To maximize your team’s productivity and bookings, you must maximize their productivity. By creating policies that require 24-hour cancellation notices, by establishing fee schedules for missed appointments, or by allowing more discretionary hours for patients in the morning or the evening, you can maximize your staff’s time and your own.

Integrating customer-friendly solutions

Your patients should have the option of scheduling their appointments online, which is especially important. You’ve just secured a net-new patient without ever picking up the phone if patients can find your practice online and book an appointment directly from the website!

Leveraging referrals

You can offer incentives at the office, provide referral cards, or simply employee referral bonuses may be created; however, if you choose to go about it, be sure to follow up and follow through!

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