For the logistics and shipping business, an effective packing system is mandatory. If the loads get damaged in transit or are not correctly reached at the location, it will reflect poorly on the business. Plus, it will cause them to cover up costs and losses. Hence, most of these businesses use pallet wraps. It is one of the most popular methods.

Stretch wrap for pallets is used to cover objects while transporting. The purpose of using wraps is to ensure load safety, keeping the items tightly bound. These ensure the load is kept steady on the pallet and doesn’t move during transportation. Along with these, there are many reasons why logistics use pallet wraps. Let’s uncover them!

Superior protection

Wrapping the load with stretch films gives the most protection. It protects the load from transporting dust, dirt, and other contaminants. It also secures products against damage from slips. UVI stretch films protect from sun rays when storing them outside.

Increased load stability

When you carefully pack the load on the pallets wrapped with stretch films, it creates a more stable load with lesser chances of shifting while transporting through the country.

Improved Shipping & Handling Efficiencies

Breathable pallet wraps are super efficient as they increase work productivity. There is also:
Increased stack height: when stretch films are used with angle boards, they allow you to stack your load higher. This maximizes the cube space when shifting or storing the loads.
Increased productivity: It allows to wrap and ship products quickly. This increases work productivity, and more work gets done in a day.
Flexibility: They allow you to stabilize hard to stack loads that cannot be stacked in a neat square configuration.
Scan through optics: Because stretch films are transparent, they offer scans through optics. You can easily see what’s inside the package.
• Increased packaging operation efficiency

Improved inventory control

The load can be inventoried easily by unitizing like products together. This reduces the chance of product separation, which causes inconvenience and is time-consuming. Clear stretch wraps also help to scan products in the load easily when shipping.


Stretch films are cost-effective. They are more affordable than the alternatives like strapping, corrugated, or heat shrink film. Machine stretch films cost less than shrink wrapping and strapping equipment. Moreover, stretch wraps consume more energy to operate than shrink films.

Decreased pilferage

Unitizing the products using pallet wraps decreases the pilferage as it must first be unwrapped. Opaque stretch films conceal the products, providing additional support.


Most stretch wraps are 100% recyclable. If kept clean, they can be exchanged for cash. This keeps them away from landfills.

The bottom line

If you are a business logistics and shipping partner, invest in high-quality wraps for loads on the pallets. You can increase your value in front of customers by delivering products efficiently. As you already know of several advantages of stretch films, get them and increase your work efficiency. There are different kinds of stretch wraps available for different needs. You can invest accordingly.

Hope this guide helps you!

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