7 Fun Things to Do in Papeete?
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Papeete is an amazing city to visit to explore Tahiti’s lagoons, gorgeous beaches with black- and white-sand beaches and volcanoes. Enjoy a small trip to this place with United Airlines ticket Booking to have a lively nightlife scene centered around the ferry dock. 

Tahiti Discovery

Teiva is a scenic beauty located at the center of the island of Tahiti Nui and offers a fine scenic drive explaining nature and historical information. Tahiti is an ideal place to spend a nice day. Drop into the Islands of Tahiti and spend a full day by hiring a private tour exploring Papenoo Valley. This popular valley is a must-visit place and watches the enthusiasm for the land for every local here. Enjoy swimming, or exploring, or listening to the birds chirping here.

Ganesha Art du Pacifique

Ganesha Art Du Pacifique is a stunning monument enclosed in the art gallery located at the center of the city. Visit this amazing art gallery which includes a fine arts shop that is present here since the Vaivase center opened. This shop is named after the elephant-headed Hindu god of the same name.

Visit this holy place and know about the Indian culture that has spread to this country with United Airlines Reservations. 


Aremiti is a fast and comfortable ferry that is 56 meters long and crosses between Tahiti and Moorea. This ferry is the smaller, faster of the two ferries that can carry up to 697 passengers and 30 light vehicles.

This ferry is a family-owned company that was created in 199. These ferries are used to transport passengers, tons of goods, and vehicles between the two islands. 

Watch the crossing between these two amazing islands takes between that takes near about thirty and forty minutes via booking tickets on United Airlines official site.

Municipal Market 

The municipal market is a large and bustling market hall that offers local farm products, various handicrafts, souvenirs, and a variety of fish and food products. This market is located at the heart of Papeete, where visitors come here to shop and to spend some time in the city’s municipal market.


The Terevau is a catamaran that is a quite high speed and runs between Tahiti and Moorea. This catamaran will take you from one side to the other one within a 30 mn dock to dock which has been operational since 2012. Each of these catamaran offers 360 comfortable seats boarding 8 vehicles with air-conditioned halls.

Musee de la perle et Bijouterie

The Robert WAN Pearl Museum provides an inclusive guide to get acquainted with how the pearls are embedded and its brief history and legends of pearls, and about crossing different cultures and civilizations. Visit this museum to watch the wide collection of the world’s most beautiful cultured gems. 

Paofai Gardens

Paofai Gardens is a well-maintained public garden that is located in the Capital of French Polynesia. The garden lies next to the bay and includes a paved path flushed with numerous flowers. This garden has a very laid-back ambiance where people visit this park to stroll and to relax under the shades of its lush green.

So, guys if you find the city Papeete worth visiting then book United Airlines Flight tickets and relish all the splendid locations found here with your loved ones!

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