7 Custom Packaging Trends You Should Know Before Even Starting Your Business

Custom Packaging has a great impact on the sales of your business. It is sturdy and durable. Businesses are using it for all kinds of products. These products include clothes, food items, toys, and cosmetic items. There are plenty of options available to customize these boxes. You can use printing options to increase the beauty of the products. If you are not satisfied with the shapes of the boxes, you can always let the manufacturers know about your requirements. If you want to make the most sales, you need to follow certain trends in the market. Following are the 7 important packaging trends that you should know before starting your business.

Mystifying designs for Custom Packaging:

If you are about to step into the packaging industry you should know that the quality of the packaging and its designs matter the most. Packaging Boxes with mystifying designs make the highlight of the market. When you are choosing designs for the boxes you should make sure that there is nothing monotonous about them. It is because customers don’t want to spend their hard-earned money on something dull. If you are using mesmerizing designs you will get the most sales. You can take help from the printing professionals if you are confused about choosing what kind of design for your products. For food products, you can use die-cut window packaging to enhance the temptation of your products.

Use of themed packaging:

Wholesale packaging that comes with unique themes is another trend in the market. Companies have realized that customers are always attracted to colorful packaging. This is why they compete with each other to present their products in the most alluring packaging. If you are selling cosmetic items then you should come up with the theme for the packaging. You can rely on the famous color models including CMYK and PMS. When festivals and occasions are around you can play smart and add the colors of festivals into these packaging. This will also help in enhancing brand recognition as well.

Connect with your customers:

Luxury Packaging is the best way to connect with your customers. Another trend which was going on in the market is the use of printed details on the boxes. With the help of these details, you can easily win the trust of the customers. For example, if you are selling cosmetic items in this packaging, you need to provide the manufacturing and expiry dates of the products. It will help the customers in making the purchasing decision. You can also print the details about the brand to impress your customers. They will love to see that a brand is being transparent to them. Experts recommend choosing the bold and highlighted typographic details for this purpose.

Adding accessories:

Custom Packaging Boxes with accessories make the best sales. This trend is getting all the appreciation because no one likes to buy products in dull packaging. To increase the beauty of the packaging companies have started adding accessories. These accessories are just a glimpse of what you are selling. For example, many food chains are using edible accessories when they are selling chocolate cakes. This enhances the interest of the customers and they want to buy more from your brand. You can also use stickers and labels to increase the attraction. It will make your brand look better on the shelves. Make sure that you are not using too many labels or stickers. It can divert the attention of the customers from the main point. You can also use catchy phrases to make a brand statement.

Custom sizes and shapes:

 The trend of unique shapes and sizes is catching the eyes of brands. You can use custom inserts and additional slots in these boxes. It will help in improving the overall strength of the boxes. When customers open the packaging, they always notice the inside of the box as well. If you want your customers to not prefer any other brand, you need to give them an exceptional packaging experience. This trend of using insets is perfect for maintaining the integrity of the products as well. You can also use packaging assortments in different colors. This will impress your customers.

Embossing the packaging:

Brands have also realized their customers are always looking for something unique. This is why they have started using exciting finishing options. The use of embossing on these boxes enhances the presentation of the product. It helps in leaving the customers in awe. The luxurious touch of the embossing also makes your products look outstanding in the market. You can choose this process for your logo as well. It will make your brand distinctive from the rest. Brands have also started using silver and gold foiling to increase the sales of their products.

Recyclability of Custom Packaging:

Many times companies make the mistake of choosing plastic packaging for their products. They do it to save money and think that sustainable packaging may be expensive. This is a misconception and it is not appreciated in the packaging industry anymore. The trends have changed completely. People know that only sustainable packaging is perfect for our environment. This is why it is important to put a label on sustainability on these boxes. Customers will love to know that you are concerned about the safety of our environment.

Custom Packaging is getting popular in the market because of its resistance to external factors. Many trends are going on in the industry for this packaging. The addition of layers to enhance safety is the most common trend in the market. You can also use accessories to increase the overall outlook of the products. Another trend of using recyclable packaging is there to educate the audience. If you follow these trends, you will be making a successful entry into the market.

By Syed Khubaib Saifi

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