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Aguadilla is located near the northwest coast and is a hidden destination as many of you might be unfamiliar with this city. This small town caters to some unbelievable views of the Atlantic and hilly terrain. The beautiful destination also includes great beaches and Crash Boat. If you want to enjoy all these ravishing destinations, then plan a trip to enjoy kiosks for food and the water sport rentals and enthralled sellar photo opportunities. 

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Readout all the famous locations in the city: 

Survival Beach

Survival Beach is the gorgeous beach in the city which is a 20-minute hike east of Surfers Beach. Visit this popular beach which is 2 miles walking west of Shacks Beach to go for surfing fanatics here. This beach is full of sand and offers many sports activities. This beach is best suited for surfing purposes, Surfer Beach route, and is the best shortcut path for hiking along the trails.

Playa India El Natural

Playa India El Natural is best suited for scuba diving and swimming when the water is silent. Hop into this spot where the travelers can travel around while going for plunging or diving expeditions. Look out for local shops around the beach. You will find this beach is one of the best places for travelers to visit and have a wonderful time in this beautiful zone.

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 Punta Borinquen Lighthouse Ruins

Punta Borinquen Lighthouse Ruins is a place that is equipped with the lighthouse monument and is tucked on the west side of Puerto Rico. This spot was devastated by the earthquake’s impact in the year1918 and was completed in 1922. This spot is used by the US Coast Guard, though not many things to wristwatch after the ruins. Visit this small area which is overall a beautiful location for spending a vacation and capture splendid photographs around with your loved ones.

El Parterre

El Parterre is a beautifully designed arcade that is situated near a natural spring called Ojo de agua. Visit this spot which is used as a new source of water by the people. Hop into this area and watch out for the arcade area which is a beautiful place to enjoy with so much peace around the location. This area is decorated with sculptures and elegant floras and saplings. You will find this area worth visiting along with relishing the food and drink stalls that are placed all around. Come all with your families and with close ones to get relished here.

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 The Beer Box

 The beer box is equipped with the farfetched pubs and microbreweries across the road near Aguadilla that permits different craft beers through the tap, bottle. You will also find great food with a fine-looking surrounding. Visit this place where you can also visit one of the nearby places, Rincón Beer Co and the famous Beer Box. If you are longing for some drinks then this area is perfect for you. Hop into this area which is just beside Hurricane Maria.

 Aguadilla Ice Skating Arena

 Ice Skating Arena is a wonderful spot to step into in the Caribbean region. You will find this area also caters to snack bars and arcade games with the central area of an ice skating arena. Visit this exciting area where people can go for a break in the meeting rooms available here. There is a primary purpose of the wedding reception in Puerto Rican. Visit this interesting area full of folks that usually visit during weekends to enjoy ice-skating. This site is full of tourist attention and things to do.

 If you are thinking of being a part of this splendid city then give a break from your monotonous life and pack your bags to rush to this city.

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