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AOS is a brand of POS, which has gained great popularity due to the launch of monitors and televisions. All models of this brand differ from competitors by a low price and offer a full set of practical functions that are somehow present in the products of other manufacturers.

By studying the market segment as a whole, the Ecdfburma magazine team selected 7 of the best recommended AOS monitors for purchase. User selection criteria, heure Miroir 18h18 a comparison of technical specifications and the conclusions of full-time experts were the criteria for selecting products in the qualification.

The rating is based on the analysis of technical specifications on the portal.


Rating of the best AOC monitors

Nomination place Product name price
Rating of the best AOC monitors 1 AOC AGON AG322QC4 ₽32,324
two AOC AGON AG352UCG6 ₽55,800  
3 AOC AGON AG241QG ₽27,999  
4 AOC G2590FX ₽12,990  
5 AOC G2460PF ₽14,610  
6 AOC C24G1 ₽13,674  
7 AOC I2481FXH ₽8,940  



In terms of ergonomic features and user feedback, the AGON AG322QC4 31.5-inch AOC takes an honorable first place. In addition to the standard Flicker-free and FreeSync (2nd version) features, it also supports HDR 400, which has a positive effect on color reproduction, especially in the VA matrix. Pixel response time was reduced to 4 ms, but the french lotto of the display settings received large adjustment ranges: brightness at 400 cd/sq. m, and the contrast is a ratio of 3000: 1.

VGA returned from the inputs to the model and was added via a redundant HDMI connector and display port. The number of USB inputs was reduced to 2, but 2 speakers with a power of 5 watts each were placed under the case. In standard operating mode, the monitor consumes 47 watts of power, which is quite normal for a model of such dimensions. Yes, and the weight can be considered a virtue: thanks to the external location of the power supply, it only amounted to 6.64 kg.


  • 2k resolution;
  • powerful 2-speaker built-in stereo system;
  • the abundance of image display settings;
  • the presence of redundant ports for cables;
  • High build quality.


  • not found


A 35-inch curved monitor is a great option for immersive gaming. It is based on the use of a WLED backlit MVA matrix and allows you to adjust the resolution to 3440×1440 pixels.

Despite the impressive dimensions, the AGON AG352UCG6 AOC does not shine with the breadth of available configurations, but even by default it offers the best image quality. Thus, the contrast is adjusted to a ratio of 2500: 1, brightness – up to 300 cd / sq. m, and the pixel response time is 4 ms. On the connector panel of the monitor, there are 2 USB ports, as well as HDMI and Display Port.

Under the body there are 2 built-in speakers with a power of 3.5 watts. Uk49s Predictions Energy efficiency is not the best feature of the model, because in the nominal operating mode it consumes up to 70 watts of power. Due to the large dimensions of the screen, the total weight of the monitor is 11.8 kg, excluding the weight of the power supply. Nevertheless,


  • high resolution screen;
  • excellent image transmission quality;
  • curved screen
  • simplicity of image adjustment;
  • ergonomics


  • very high price;
  • Low features on various parameters (eg viewing angles, lack of HDR, etc.)



The first places in the ranking went exclusively to the monitors of the AGON series. In third place is the 23.8-inch AG241QG model with a TN display and flicker-free backlight. Provides 165Hz refresh rates with G-Sync Intelligent Variable Sync. Allows you to set the brightness to 350 cd/sq. m and a contrast ratio of 1000:1.

They removed everything unnecessary and old: leaving only the display port, HDMI and 4 USB 3.0 interfaces Type A and B. Inside the case, we added a pair of stereo speakers with a power of 2 W each, and built a power supply power, because the total weight of the monitor was 5.5 kg The power consumption of the AOC AGON AG241QG was 35 watts, which is quite a lot, but it meets the Energy Star 6 standard for energy conservation.


  • high frame rate;
  • stable monitor stand and good looks;
  • 2k resolution (2560×1440 pixels);
  • optimal number of screen configurations.


  • high price;
  • uneven backlight distribution.


24.5-inch widescreen gaming monitor with traditional LED backlight TFT TN matrix and 146 Hz refresh rate. The whole charm of this model lies in the optimal ratio of ergonomics to build quality and price: it has everything you need and, at the same time, there is nothing extra. Performance and display settings are almost completely copied from the AOC G2460PF, with the exception of brightness up to 400 cd/sq. m and 50,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio.

The AOC G2590FX connector panel lost the reservation with the USB and DVI-D interfaces but found HDMI, Display Port and VGA duplicates. Of the advanced features, only FreeSync remained, and colour calibration was discontinued. The power consumption has not changed and has not moved from 23 watts according to the energy efficiency class.


  • emits 146 Hz frequency;
  • high build quality;
  • Full HD resolution + advanced image settings


  • Ergonomic deficiencies with respect to monitor position adjustment and software configuration.


Another 24-inch monitor with anti-glare screen and TFT TN matrix. The same WLED backlight with anti-flicker and 146Hz frame rate is included. It only takes 1ms to respond to a pixel, which is the best result in the classification. But with viewing angles, not everything is so simple: unlike previous models, the horizontal angle is 170 degrees, and the vertical angle is only 160. The contrast is adjusted in a ratio of 1000: 1 and the brightness adjusts to 350 cd/sq. m

The AOC G2460PF Patch Panel houses USB 2.0 interfaces as well as a full suite of video inputs, including DVI-D. In addition, small 2W speakers are built into the monitor. There is Uk49s Win color calibration and the FreeSync function. The power supply is built into the case, and due to this, the total weight of the model was 6.54 kg. It’s dimensional, styled specifically for gamers, and consumes just 23W of mains power.


  • the presence of built-in speakers;
  • high energy efficiency;
  • high-quality image transmission;
  • The lowest pixel response time.


  • heavy and bulky monitor for its size;
  • not the most optimal viewing angles (according to the passport – in fact, the difference is almost imperceptible).


A 24-inch curved TFT VA monitor with a refresh rate of up to 146 Hz. It has a WLED backlight with brightness control and anti-flicker. The pixel response time in the array does not exceed 4 ms, and the field of view in the vertical and horizontal plane is 178 degrees.

The main changes in the AOC C24G1 in relation to the previous model are expressed by increasing the contrast adjustment field to a ratio of 3000: 1, the presence of the FreeSync function for variable updating of lines and frames, as well as the possibility of a deep color calibration. In addition to the standard HDMI and VGA, the display port appeared on the connection panel and there was a headphone jack. Despite the large size and functionality, the power of the monitor is only 20 watts, which indicates a serious study of energy efficiency.


  • the presence of anti-flicker and synchronization refresh rate;
  • extended base of connection interfaces;
  • curved screen
  • High energy efficiency.


  • VA matrix limitations: a visible transition between color tones due to sub-pixel sharpness;
  • Higher cost


23.8-inch widescreen monitor with TFT AH-IPS. It has a WLED backlight with flicker-free function, which suppresses flickering and doesn’t tire your eyes during prolonged use. The frame refresh rate in standard mode is 50Hz, but can be increased to 76Hz depending on the options of the applications launched.

The pixel response time on the AOC I2481FXH does not exceed 4 ms, the horizontal and vertical viewing angles are 178 degrees, and the brightness at the highest settings reaches 250 cd/sq. The rated power of the monitor during operation is 23 watts, and in standby and sleep mode – no more than 0.5 watts. The connection panel has interfaces for HDMI (2 pieces) and VGA, as well as a 3.5 mm mini jack for headphones.


  • low energy consumption;
  • image transmission quality;
  • low price;
  • Interesting stand design.


  • easily marked front panel of the monitor (fingerprints remain at each attempt to adjust the screen);
  • Quality of construction and power cable.


Attention This rating is subjective, it is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to purchasing. Before buying, you should consult with a specialist.



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